Arms and Abs Mat Workout – 30 Day Fat Loss Shred Fitness Plan

Arms and Abs Mat Workout

Arms and Abs Mat Workout – 30 Day Fat Loss Shred Fitness Plan


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  1. This is a great set of exercises! I especially like the bicycle crunches and the shoulder push-ups. They can really get the heart rate up fast.

  2. I started this workout 8 days ago and have stayed with it every day. It is starting to get easier and I’m really excited about how I’m starting to feel. I hope to get firmer abs. we’ll see!

  3. These are your standard exercises I see in just about every magazine. Some of the moves are great for strengthening the abs. I disagree they will do much for your arms. I’ve found over the years nothing works as well for toning and sculpting arms as lifting weights. No matter the size, you almost always see and feel the results.

  4. I agree. A few reps of a lot of weight or a bunch of reps of a smaller amount of weight can both do a lot for someone looking to work on their arms.

    I’ll probably try all of these today, but some of them do look kind of useless.