Butt and Inner Thigh Workouts – Hydrant Kicks

Shape your Butt and Thighs with Hydrant Kicks

Hi, so today we’re going to do a workout that is going to shape your butt and thighs. They are called “Hydrant Kicks”. We are going to do 2 sets of 20 for each. So you place your palms on the floor and your knees, as you can see and you raise up like this.. So you get to feel the burn on your buns and thighs and try to lift as high as you can… Ok so we’re almost there. Now we do the other side. If you get tired, you can just switch to the other leg. As long as you keep on moving, you get a better burn, a better workout.

Inner Thighs Workout

Hi everyone, this workout is for your “Inner Thighs”.. So you place your elbow on the mat, place your body sideways and lift you left leg up and you will feel the burn here, in this area. These you can do how many you want, I do up to 50 but for beginners you can do 3 sets of 20 on each leg. So now we’re going to switch. The elbow and holding on to this knee gives you better support. So as you can see I’m keeping it straight. You lift up and down, up and down. You feel the burn in your inner thigh.

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  1. Great exercise! You can really feel it in your thighs. I’m doing 3 sets of 20 and hope to be able to add more reps soon.