30 Lifestyle Changes to Lose Weight Sensibly and Permanently

Here are 30 lifestyle changes to lose weight fast naturally and permanently.  Start losing weight today with these awesome tips. Let us know how do you lose weight?

Lose Weight Sensibly and Permanently

source: montereybayholistic.wordpress.com

How Much Weight Would You Lose If You
Consumed Nothing But Deliciously
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3 Replies to “30 Lifestyle Changes to Lose Weight Sensibly and Permanently”

  1. I do about half of the things on this list. I plan to print this out and hang it where I can see it every day. The things on the list seem so easy to do when you look at them individually.

    1. Great idea, Sandy. If I can look at this every morning it will be a great incentive to start the day right. I already do several of the things on the list so all I have to do is add more.

  2. I never knew that blue is an appetite suppressant. I guess that is why I cannot remember any fast food chain that has a blue logo. I remember lots of red and yellow.

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