5 Morning Smoothies That Will Help You Detox

Have you ever given a thought that processed snacks in your pantry you rely on may ruin your health?

It isn’t those convenient foods you need in your life, but a healthy and nutritional diet which will keep you all active. And smoothies could be a quick, healthy and a yummy addition to it.

This is the easiest and simplest way of getting your body that much-needed dose of nutrition. Let’s just quickly try to assimilate why it is so before we bring the exciting part.

Smoothies are a gateway to nutritional goodness including potent antioxidants and fiber. They are an excellent way to fulfill your nutritional needs, especially your fiber requirements.

Fiber helps in reducing the LDL levels and is the primary nutrient which prevents constipation. Not only this, but it makes an individual feel fuller for longer and those hunger pangs do not knock at your door.

For that youthful skin and energy, the body needs antioxidants and again, smoothies, especially ones with berries, are a rich source. Also, to delay and prevent damage on a cellular level, it is important to give your body its fair share of antioxidants.

Lastly, one glass of a smoothie and you get loads of nutrients in just one go which otherwise is quite a challenge to get in a single sitting. That too, without doing the laborious job of chewing!

Now, here’s the exciting part. We are bringing you 5 mouthwatering recipes, by which you can kick-start your morning and keep shining throughout the day.

1. The Two-Ingredient Smoothie:

Get a hold of bananas and spinach leaves, and witness the magic!

You’ll need 2 ripe bananas and ½ cup of baby spinach.

Blend these two alongside ice cubes and Voila! You have the most delicious combo ever to treat your body with. If you find the consistency too thick, add a bit of water or milk. As for the spinach, load in as much as you want.

Spinach strengthens your bones as it is rich in Vitamin K and super good for your heart’s health. Generally, two huge handfuls would do. Do not fret about the bitterness just because the bananas would take care of it. This one clever way of getting some greens into your body, folks!

Just so you know, this can be a great base for other yummy smoothies. You can pop in some berries or nuts and it won’t hurt at all!

2. Go Tropical:

Bask in the vividness of the tropical fruits. The rich colors of these fruits are sure to stimulate your appetite. Satiate it with the recipe below!

-1 Cup frozen pineapple chunks

-1 cup frozen mango chunks

-1 orange

-4-5 frozen strawberries

-1.5 cup coconut water

Blend the above ingredients away until the desired consistency is reached. Pour into a mason jar and savor the richness till the last drop.

Mangoes give you the required share of carotenoids which reduces the risks of breast cancer, while the pineapples are loaded with an enzyme called, bromelain. This enzyme helps in reducing the inflammation in the body. Coconut water is the best liquid out there to smoothen up the smoothies. Not only this, but it is by far the most delicious source of hydration and a natural source of electrolytes out there. And strawberry is an antioxidant, free of sodium and a fruit with zero cholesterol. Hence, this makes it an ideal addition to your smoothie.

3. The Berry Galore:

-1 cup strawberries

-1/2 raspberries

-1/2 blueberries

-1/2 cup almond milk

-1/2 tsp. peanut butter

As usual, blend these all until it is rich and creamy. You can always add water if you want to thin out the consistency. If you are someone who doesn’t like peanut butter, you can always replace it with one frozen banana.

The berry family has the highest reputation when it comes to healthy foods. All the berries listed are rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants. Blueberries, to be specific, are packed with anthocyanin, which helps in keeping the memory sharp while raspberries have anti-cancer properties. This is what makes it an instant energy booster. Moreover, this smoothie assists in weight loss and maintenance if it is your current goal. Load it with some ice and enjoy the power packed meal.

4. The Greenhouse:

-1 cup Spinach

-1/2 cup Grapes

-1/4 cup Coconut milk

Toss these in the blend until and unless it appears frothy.

We have already discussed how spinach is good for your body. And the antioxidant-packed grapes do wonders as well. They help in regulating the blood pressure and improve blood flow. Besides this, grapes can reduce the risk of diabetes.

Coming towards coconut milk, it is rich in protein, fiber, and good fat. Again, it is a delicious way to lower down the cholesterol levels and blood pressure.
If you are anemic, then coconut milk can be a good addition to any smoothie you make. It is an excellent source of iron and can be added to the diet to prevent anemia.

5. Freshen Up with Apples:

It needs no introduction for an apple a day keeps the doctor away! This combined with other goodies can be rejuvenating and super detoxifying.

So this is how it goes,

-1 apple – chopped

-1/2 ginger

-1 cup water

-1/2 cup walnuts

-1 Tbsp. chia seeds

This smoothie is light yet powerful! The good thing is that you will get a much clearer and healthier skin. The apples are jam-packed with calcium, protein, fiber, magnesium and all the good things. So, it is a win-win for a smoothie.

Ginger soothes the stomach and is an immune booster and has anti-inflammatory properties. It can help eliminate the pangs of morning sickness. And the Chia seeds contain healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which protects the heart. Other than this, it has a cooling effect on your body as it helps retain the water content in the body.

Pro-tip: Chia seeds are ideal for summers. They beat the heat like nothing else does. Pop a spoonful of this into your water bottle when you head out of the home. It will prevent the dehydration and the fatigue throughout the day and keep you fresh.

When you start your morning with these smoothies and look out for sweetness or you are someone with a sweet tooth every time, go for the natural sweeteners so you make the most of these smoothies. Thankfully, nature has been kind to provide substitutes and that too healthy one.

You can opt for maple syrup, molasses, and honey, coconut water, cinnamon or pop in two or three dates into your blender alongside the ingredients. These are pure gifts from nature as they are not only lower in fructose but also contain lots of minerals and vitamins. This is why it is always better to sweeten your smoothies naturally . If you feel that your diet lacks nutrients, visit a licensed dietician or a nutrition expert. The good thing is that you can schedule secure online ‘telemedicine’ appointments without having to physically visit the healthcare facility.

Happy ‘healthy’ drinking!

James Crook is a passionate blogger who loves to write on health and fitness related topics. Currently, he is a working as a blogger for a Physical Fitness Dr Wilson shoulder Surgeon. Follow @jamescrook911 for more updates.

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