5 Questions You Need To Ask About Aerobics

Aerobics are exercises where one does a routine of stretching and strength training exercises to improve stamina, endurance and one’s overall well-being. These exercises also add to the cardiovascular fitness along with muscle strength and fitness.

Aerobic exercises are generally those exercises where one breathes in more oxygen and make the heart work faster hence providing oxygenated blood to all the parts of the body. Since these exercises are intense they also help in weight loss and maintaining weight.

Here are 5 questions you need to ask about Aerobics:

1. How beneficial are Aerobic exercises?

Aerobic exercises are beneficial in a lot of ways. Not only do they help in strengthening the muscles but also help in reducing the risk of cardiac diseases. IT Helps in improving blood circulation and keeping stress at bay. These exercises reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases like diabetes and blood pressure. It helps in improving memory and the overall psychological well being of the patient.

2. Are Aerobic exercises for me?

Aerobic exercises are of different forms and can be done by anyone. One can choose the type of exercises depending on their ability and flexibility. Under the right guidance and with some practice one can do aerobic exercises easily. To do these exercises one need not worry about the age, weight, height and fitness levels. These are designed for all. One should only bear in mind not to overdo any of these exercises.

3. Can aerobic exercises help me lose weight?

Aerobic exercises are extremely helpful in weight loss. These exercises are extremely good at burning down calories and hence resulting in weight loss. Exercises like cycling, jogging, swimming, don’t just help in losing weight but also toning the body. Right exercises with a balanced diet can help one lose weight effectively and also maintain it.

4. Can aerobic exercises cause injury?

All forms of exercise are capable of causing injury. Exercises could either be of low impact or high impact. However, when done under the right guidance and practice one can keep injuries at bay. Warm up exercises are mandatory before starting an exercise. Warm ups ensure loosening of muscles and help avoid injuries.

5. What is the ideal clothing for aerobic exercises?

Any clothing which is comfortable and allows one to be flexible can be worn while doing aerobic exercises. Shoes have a major role to play, hence wearing comfortable shoes is extremely important. Carrying a bottle of water is a good practice. Apart from this one should and must possess patience, endurance and a positive attitude and spirit. Staying motivated and avoiding procrastination can do wonders.

Aerobic exercises are for all and therefore most of these exercises do not require any equipment. Also most exercises are easy to do. When done under guidance and with the right intensity these exercises helps improve muscles strength, cardio vascular health and also flexibility. Aerobic exercises are also known to be the best stress busters, hence beneficial for the overall well being of the individual.

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One Reply to “5 Questions You Need To Ask About Aerobics”

  1. I’m a big fan of low impact aerobic exercises. I recently sustained a knee injury from running and I’m healing quickly and staying in shape by cycling and swimming.
    I’m hoping to get back into running soon, but plan to also stay with the aerobic exercises. I agree that warm up exercises are important and think that not following that advice may have played a part in my injury.

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