5 Reasons Your Aerobics Is Not What It Could Be

Are you regularly doing your exercises and still not finding a change? There could be a lot of reasons for this. One foremost reason could be not doing the exercises the way they should be done.

The other reasons could be not following the right combination of balanced diet and exercise. Aerobic exercises are most effective when done with the right intensity.

Let us look at the various reasons:

Aerobic Exercises

1. A Balanced Fitness and Diet Plan

Exercising alone won’t solve problems. One needs to be doing the right exercises as well as eat healthy. There is no point in gorging on a burger after burning 100 calories. Indulging once in a while is fine, but on a regular basis this is a strict no-no.

The right diet coupled with right combination of exercises will do wonders. Not only will the results be seen but the person following this routine will experience an overall change. Patience and motivation is the key to keep going.

2. Comfort Wear

Wearing clumsy clothes and shoes will affect the impact of the exercises that are being done. This can also lead to uncalled for injuries. Hence it is extremely important to wear comfortable clothing which allows one to be flexible and stretch without inhibitions. Shoes too tight or shoes too loose can cause trouble and injury.

Bear in mind that exercising is not about designer clothes it’s about clothes that allow your body to breathe and stretch with ease.

3. Difficulty Levels

There is no fixed age to begin exercising. Aerobic exercises are designed for everyone, the levels might vary as per the age but most exercises can be performed by all. All those having a doubt as to how much they should work out or how hard they should work out should get a through physical examination done first and then start exercising under the guidance of an able guide.

This will help one take things one at a time without stressing the body and causing injury and pain.

4. Don’t Stick to Just One Routine

Doing just one form of exercise may not help much after a certain point of time. It is always recommended that an individual perform more than one type of exercise.

Doing more than two types of aerobic exercise can be beneficial, since it will keep one motivated and also not let them get bored. Doing different exercises will ensure overall health and well being and also provide variety.

5. Don’t Overdo

Exercises vary and so do their impacts. One needs to understand that changes do not occur in a single day. The body needs time to understand and bring about changes. Overdoing exercises for quick results is not recommended. It will only lead to excess pain, injury and de-motivation. 30-45 minutes of daily exercise is more than enough.

Excessive exercise can also cause muscle injury which would take a while to heal, causing more pain and a longer break from exercising, which in turn would affect the overall routine.

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This article was written by Mamata

A fitness enthusiast with a passion to help people achieve productive living through a fit life. With Fitnessb start your journey to a fit life and healthy living.

0 thoughts on “5 Reasons Your Aerobics Is Not What It Could Be”

  1. Aerobics are a great way to stay fit without risk of injury. I belong to a group that meets twice a week. We do the Jazzercise program and it’s great! I highly recommend it to everyone that’s interested in losing weight while having fun.

  2. I find that I need to “mix it up” when it comes to aerobics. Changing the intensity and duration of the workout helps, as well as the type of workout. I like to do step aerobics, but most of the workouts are a steady state. This is good, but your body does get used to it, and it can become less effective over time. I like to throw in a few high intensity interval workouts. These are great when you are short on time, and they really get your body out of the slump, and amp up calorie burn. Then I also like to add something easy in, like a good brisk walk, hike or bike ride. I think this approach is the best for staying in shape and losing/maintaining weight.

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