6 Tips on How to Build Muscles

Having a well-sculpted body is not just about hitting the weight room and lifting as much as you can. This is a no-brainer but there is a science behind bodybuilding. If you wish to build muscles safely, you need to get with the program.

Here are some basic tips that you might want to include in your program:

How to Build Muscles

1. Consult your Doctor

Make sure your body is fit enough to undergo rigorous training to build muscles. Consult your doctor to find out if your chronic back pain can withstand physical activities. Knowing any medical issue or condition may also factor in when it comes to creating a meal plan for the purpose of bodybuilding.

2. Set Goals

You need to know what you really want. Are you aiming to get rid of the extra weight and turn them to muscles? Are you tired of being the scrawny guy and want to beef up? Do you have a specific timetable in achieving your goals? Make sure you set realistic goals. Once you achieve that goal, then you can proceed to greater ones.

3. Create a Meal Plan

As mentioned, you must have a meal plan. Ask for help from a certified nutritionist to determine what kind of diet fills your need. Generally, building muscles requires a bit more protein than usual. Protein is the building-block of muscles so evidently, you need lots of them. Get your protein from poultry, fish, red meat, broccoli, and soy. To keep your body healthy while burning those fats and building those muscles, you need to load up on fruits, vegetables and other healthy and natural food. Stay away from processed and refined foods. Fast food and sweets should also be avoided.

4. Hydrate

It is vital that you keep your body hydrated, especially during a training session. A well-hydrated body is more capable of dealing with the increase in physical activity.

5. Create an Exercise Routine

If you are a bit on the chubby side, you need to burn fat as you build muscle. You can do cardio exercises to help in the fat-burning department. Make it a habit to run or jog regularly. Compound exercises and full body workouts help train your whole body, not just a particular part. In bodybuilding, you need to work out all the muscle groups to avoid ending up with an imbalanced look. In other words, Popeye arms and chicken legs don’t look good.

6. Get enough Rest

Part of a good exercise routine to build muscles is to get enough rest. People who think that by spending the whole day every day in a weight room will do wonders are mistaken. Muscles don’t grow when you lift weights or do rigorous training. Muscles grow while recovering from lifting weights and rigorous training. During rest periods, your muscles recuperate and repair the damages incurred from training. That healing process also corresponds to the growth of the muscles.

These are just a few tips you need to consider during your quest to be the next Johnny Bravo. Equally important as the tips above is having the right mindset. You need to have the determination to achieve your goals. You need to stay motivated and to make your bodybuilding mission as fun as possible.

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0 thoughts on “6 Tips on How to Build Muscles”

  1. Sending this article to my brother. He is a huge muscle builder and I am just now getting into that aspect of my workout. I was in the process of losing and now I am in the process of building (if that makes sense?) This is very informative and makes sure you understand what all you need to do.

  2. There really is one more very important step that is overlooked when you are trying to build muscle. After you have finished your workout you have to make sure you eat protein of some sort. It is so important otherwise the body will break down all that lean muscle you just built up. This is especially important if you are trying to also burn subcutaneous fat over the area you want to build. Add the protein to burn the fat, even if you are vegan there is protein you can supplement.

  3. Great article. Many people do not realize the importance of a healthy diet when trying to build muscle. It’s half the battle! In order to gain as much muscle as possible you need to be consuming a surplus of protein within 30 minutes of post-workout. Eating is so important I cannot even begin to stress it enough!

  4. Three of these tips involves some sort of planning, which I believe is critical. This is important to stay on track for a long enough time to see results. Sometimes I find it hard to stay on track because I don’t see results right away, but having clear goals and nutrition or fitness plans to follow every day helps keep me in it for the long run. It also helps to get me back on track if I diverge from the plan for a bit.

  5. All of this information is correct, but I also want to add one piece of advice. The heavier you lift, the more strength you gain. The more repetitions you perform, the more toned and defined you will become. So building muscle has two aspects to it. I suggest building strength first, then going for the aesthetics.

  6. The keys mentioned in this article are very important. When I started working out I didn’t pay much attention to eating well and getting enough rest. The main thing about building muscle is to kill your muscle cells as much as you can in around 40mins~ then eat as much protein as you can, and get enough rest, sleep is very important!

  7. I think that creating an exercise routine as mentioned above is a key but even more important is making it automatic by turning it into a habit or part of a ritual or daily routine. Focus and consistency guarantee results above all other factors.

  8. I can’t stress how important number 4 is. For the longest time I would get light-headed during particularly strenuous workouts (squats and dead lifts, especially). I’d drink plenty of water during my workout, so I never thought I could have been dehydrated.

    The fact is, hydration is not only important DURING a workout, but also throughout the day. I kept getting light headed, because I’d dehydrated myself during the day by not drinking enough water. That lead to me getting overheated and having drops in blood pressure.

    Drink more water!

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