8 Best Biceps Workouts with Dumbbell You Should Do Everyday

Workouts are considered as the best way to lose our unwanted body fats with or without the uses of equipment. Body fat makes our body lazy and also attracts several diseases. To stay fit and healthy you need to do workouts regularly along with having good and healthy food. When a person wants to do intense workouts with their body to release maximum fat, they switched to mechanical workouts. These mechanical workouts come with various types of equipment and their techniques to do the exercise.

Mechanical workouts or doing exercise with the help of equipment are for exercising for a particular part of the body. Mechanical workouts are basically called as ‘strength trainings’. This term also has two categories into it; they are the bodyweight exercise and the weight training. Both are for increasing the pure human strength with all possible techniques and equipment. Weight training is a type of strength training for developing strength and size of skeleton muscles. This follows various ways for various parts of our bodies like arms, legs, shoulder and others. This workout uses many equipment but most commonly dumbbells, barbells and weight machines.

Dumbbell Biceps Workouts


On our arms, most possible way to gain body and muscle strength is from biceps work, with the use of dumbbells. As most considered this is one of the best combinations to workout with and for a great result. For dumbbells, there are three types, fixed-weight dumbbells, adjustable dumbbells and selectorized dumbbells. The best dumbbells are adjustable or selectorized dumbbells, and both are in the same category of adjustable technique. Below you will know about the ten best biceps workout with dumbbells.

Here are the Eight Best Biceps Workouts with Dumbbell:

1. One-At-A-Time Biceps Curl

To do a workout with this exercise, at first you hold a dumbbell in one hand as well on another and your palm facing forward. Use your arms one-by-one by rising left then right or vise-verse along with the dumbbells. In half circle take one-second break and then put your hand down. Then use your next or alternate hand to do the same and then continue it several times as per your trainer suggest you to do. This best adjustable dumbbells exercise is one of the best for newcomers, though it looks simple but it’s not.

2. Inner-Biceps Curl

Inner-Biceps Curl


First, you have to stand up straight and then hold a dumbbell on each of your hands. And the hand should straight along your body while your palm faces with each other. Then move your both dumbbells upward until they reached your half the shoulder (try not to take straight up). Then slowly move your arms downwards to the starting position and repeat it as many times it refers to. When you do this exercise, try not to shake your upper portion of the body, be stiff to perform the task this will help in building muscle tissue on your biceps.

3. Biceps Curl

First, you have to be still while in a stand-up position and grab a dumbbell on each of your hands. Your hands should be straight along with your body posture. While doing this your palms should face each other. Then pick up both the dumbbells together until reached your full shoulder’s height and take a short stop. Then slowly lower your hands down to the initial position. Repeat it several times with a measure of each round. While doing this exercise do not shake your body which will give a negative effect to your body.

4. Hammer Curl

Hammer Curl


First keep a steady position with all straight up and take two dumbbells on each of your hands and your palms facing each other. Then pick up both the dumbbells while making an effect with your elbows and then lowering them down like a hammering action but slowly. And try to keep your body stiff with your upper arm still. This will develop your muscle trained and bigger biceps with great grips on your hands.

5. Seated Alternated Biceps Curl

First keep your body straight while seated on a workbench, your upper body shouldn’t be straight. Hold the dumbbell in each hand down the side of your body and palms fronting each other. Then raise a dumbbell until it spreads your shoulder’s level and while sluggishly dropping it back down after the short pause. Start levitation the other one with the same thing and while doing this don’t do any jerking episodes because they might effect on your body.

6. Inclined Biceps Bench Curl

Inclined Biceps Bench Curl


First, sit on a motivated bench and hold the dumbbell in each hand miserable the sides of your body with your palms fronting each other. Then put your both hands up along with your shoulder level and with a seconds delay low it back down slowly. And repeat it again and again to have a routine. While doing this try not to shake your body it may affect on your shoulder with severe pain.

7. Concentration Biceps Curl

Concentration Biceps Curl


First, stand on the higher end of a specially designed inclined bench. Then rest your one arm on the bench to provide support to your arm which forms a dumbbell, palm facing towards your face. Then pick the dumbbell up to your face, with a slight delay put it down and again repeat it thoroughly. Through the whole process, your subordinate arm only should move, not your full hand.

8. Supine Biceps Curl

First, lie down on your back on a plain bench and then hold one dumbbell in each hand on each side of the body. Below body height and keep your palms always face up. Then raise the dumbbells until they extent you’re slowly lower and body height them back down after a little stop in between. Breathe out when lifting and breathe in when lowering back, this will help you relax better and fast while you can go with the flow.

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With the help of these methods, you can get a good physic with a great piece of biceps. These are for those who don’t want to go to the gym or don’t have time to go, these are for them. The person, who wants to do all biceps exercises at their own place. Must have in their mind to keep best adjustable dumbbell you can found, which will help to get all types of dumbbells.





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