Common Causes of Heel Pain and What You Can Do About It

Heel pain is a common health problem which makes it difficult to stand and walk. It usually occurs under the heel or behind it. Some people also experience the pain on the side of the heel. The most common cause of the heel pain is Plantar Fasciitis.

Heel pain is not caused by a single reason like injury from a twist or fall, but from recurring stress and pounding. There are many other causes of heel pain such as arthritis, nerve irritation or a cyst. This post shares some common reasons for heel pain and methods of treatment.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is the condition of inflammation of the plantar fascia ligament which runs from the heel bone to the foot tip. This type of pain is usually experienced by the people with the high or low archs in the foot.

When the ligament stretches beyond its capacity, the inflammation occurs in the soft tissue. People with plantar fasciitis feel pain under the foot, usually after long periods of rest. The condition commonly occurs in athletes and pregnant women because of the extra weight they put on the ligament.

Solutions to Plantar Fasciitis

  1. People suffering from plantar fasciitis should do the stretching exercises for the foot. Performing the stretching exercises for the calves heals the inflammation of the plantar fascia. To perform the stretching exercises you can take help from a physiotherapist.
  2. Also, you should avoid walking barefoot as it puts undue strain on the ligament.
  3. Limit the physical activities to provide your heel with some rest.
  4. Place the foot pads in your shoes to soften the impact of walking.
  5. Wear supportive shoes that have excellent arch support to reduce the stress on the plantar fascia.

Heel Bursitis

Heel bursitis is the condition in which the inflammation occurs on the back of the heel. Bursae is a fluid-filled sac between the tendons and bones at the back of the heel. The inflammation occurs in the Bursae and the condition is called heel bursitis.

It happens due to the hard landing and additional pressure on the heels by the footwear. You may feel the pain on the back or middle of the heel. In some cases of heel bursitis swelling occurs in the Achilles tendon and the pain gets worse with time. Heel bursitis is also caused by the rubbing of shoe on the back of the heel.

Solutions to Heel Bursitis

  1. Visit an orthopedist to check whether the condition needs medical treatment.
  2. Avoid the running activities like jogging, walking and prolonged standing.
  3. Taking adequate rest helps in reducing the pain and inflammation of the heel
  4. You can apply the ice cubes to reduce the heel pain.
  5. Exercises and stretches are beneficial in reducing the inflammation but you should perform them under the supervision of a physiotherapist
  6. Your doctor may prescribe you anti-inflammatory medications.

Heel Bumps
heel bump

Heel bumps is a problem that commonly occurs in teenagers as the heel bone is not completely mature. It rubs aggressively that leads to the formation of too much bone. The common cause of heel bump is the flat foot and wearing high heels before the bone becomes fully mature. You can practice the below-given ways to reduce the inflammation and pain or heel bumps.

Solutions to Heel Bumps

  1. Wear the shoes made of soft materials that have open backs
  2. Wear thick socks to reduce the friction between the heel and shoes
  3. Use ice and anti-inflammatory medicines to reduce the inflammation
  4. Stretch the Achilles tendon to maintain its flexibility
  5. Avoid wearing the high heels

Heel Spurs

A heel spur is the deposit of calcium on the underside of the heel bone. A spur can expand up to half an inch.  Usually the heel spurs are painless, but in some cases, they can cause heel pain. Heel spurs are the calcium deposits that take months to form.

The main cause of heel spurs is the stain on the muscles and ligaments. People usually ignore the early symptoms like heel pain until they become severe. The stress from walking, running and jumping on hard surfaces is another cause of heel spurs.

Some common causes of heel spurs

  1. Arthritis
  2. Bruising of the heel
  3. Excess body weight
  4. Walking gait issues
  5. Poorly fitted shoes can cause heel spurs
  6. Wearing flip-flops more often
  7. Wearing worn out shoes

According to Mayo Clinic, more than 50 percent of the heel spurs are associated with plantar fasciitis.  People having plantar fasciitis are at a higher risk of developing the heel spurs. However, the heel spurs can be treated by following the below points.

  1. Visit an orthopedist as soon as you experience heel pain. Any delay can allow the heel spurs to grow.
  2. In case you experience heel pain after an activity, ice the area in which you feel the pain.
  3. Anti-inflammatory medications are especially helpful in easing the pain and inflammation.
  4. Using the orthotic shoe inserts in your shoes can help in treating the heel spurs.
  5. Some cases of heel spurs may need surgery

Final Words

You should never ignore any signs of heel pain or inflammation and consult a doctor to know its cause. Some cases of heel pain are severe and may need surgery. It is better to start the treatment in the right to prevent the problems from becoming more severe.

Minor issues of heel pain and inflammation can be treated by the physical therapies like massages and ice treatments. If you are living in Queensland, you can search for remedial massage Gold Coast for any type of massage for healing the pain and inflammation.

Taking some preventive measures like avoiding the high heels, and consulting a doctor can help prevent the problems from becoming severe. Taking regular care of your feet like massage and light exercises, are also essential to prevent the heel problems.

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