Detailed Information About Online Body Fat Calculator

As people are becoming aware about the dangerous effects of excess weight, they are trying to lose weight with many methods. Most of the people are aware about the dangerous side effects such as heart diseases, sugar problems, blood pressure etc. which can also prove fatal.

With the continuous advance in technology, it has become easier for the people measure the body fat at the home with the help of body fat calculator which is a handy tool for use. It is available in various forms such online and offline.

There are many gadgets which are available in the market and can be purchased and carried at home. The gadget kit also has a handy manual which can be read and followed implicitly.

Body Fat Calculator

About Online Body Fat Calculator

One of the best gadget which available online is the online body fat calculator software on various websites. You can also download this software from any website which provides the software free. All you have to do is to check which inputs have to be provided and key in the information in the software for the best and correct results.

Most of the body fat calculators which are online use United States Navy Circumference Method for the fat calculation. The method has various inputs where you are required to provide information for the calculation of the body fat. You can maintain the body fat chart after the readings on the body fat calculator. Then, you can monitor the increase or the decrease of weight and fat over some period of time.

The Function of Online Fat Calculator

The function of the online fat calculator is based upon a simple formula. First, the machine starts by measuring the weight of fat in body. There are different methods with which the machine calculates the weight of fat. Then, it is represented by the machine as the percentage of the total body weight. The online fat calculator normally requires these inputs for the final result.

  • The height of the concerned person without standing in the shoes for accuracy
  • The waist measurements of the concerned person are required. If the concerned person is male, he should be measured at the navel level. If it is a woman, you need to measure at the smallest point.
  • If it is a woman, the next step is the measurement of hip at its widest point. If it is man, the hip measurement is not required.
  • The next step is the neck measurement. This measurement should be taken from the lowest point of larynx which again slightly slopes towards front.

All the above measurements should be registered with complete accuracy. The deviation of .5 cms is accepted but not more than that for the accurate results. The formula for calculating fat is fat weight/ complete body weight X 100.

Body fat calculator is one of the most essential machines for today’s modern society which is health and appearance conscious. It helps to measure the fat weight in a body and plan the diet and exercise program in bid to lose the excess weight.

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  1. Using an online body fat calculator is a great way to keep track of your progress. Be sure to take measurements at the same time of day. But remember that one of the biggest mistakes people on a weight management program make is gauging their progress by weight alone.

  2. I agree that only looking at weight is not the right approach to being healthy and fit. I’ve read several scientific/medical surveys which have found that it’s better to be overweight and fit rather than normal weight but sedentary and unfit. I think that measuring your body fat does a better job of telling you whether you are healthy or not. I’ve just always wondered how accurate the “formula” based results are compared to a real test where they submerse you in water and measure the displacement.

    1. I am a prime example of that. Before I met my now ex husband I weighed about 5 lbs more than I do now, but I’ve still got a few pairs of pre marriage jeans that are a bit snug and I don’t think I’d be comfortable wearing them around all day. I decided I needed to do an analysis of my body fat percentage and found that’s exactly what the problem was. Before I got married I had a body fat percentage in the upper teens, today that number is in the mid 20s.

  3. This can be difficult if you have developed bad habits over the years.
    We are all different, so the only successful way to reach
    and maintain a healthy weight is to find
    what works best for you. Eating vegan foods
    simply means that you begin to think about what could cause you to enjoy good health.

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