The Difference between Full Tummy Tuck and Mini Tummy Tuck – Which is Better?

Abdominoplasty, Full tummy tuck, or a mini tummy tuck, which one is better? To get a flatter tummy and with least scars, you might be among the ones in need of a plastic surgery procedure that can allow you to achieve more and show less.

Liposuction is the most common plastic surgery procedure for removing the excess and stubborn fat from abdomen. While tummy tuck can take the fat away from your stomach and a bit liposuction on love handles can drastically reshape your entire midsection area. However, the drawback will be there, you will have a scar.

The scar in this case generally goes from hipbone to hipbone. But can you have a mini tummy tuck? Whichever plastic surgery procedure you choose for reshaping your abdomen, you need to first understand that some of these procedures come with similar names, but they treat different conditions.

Especially, mini tummy tuck and full tummy tuck. We are putting below some illustrations for you to realize the difference before approaching for tummy tuck. The significant differences are based on the amount of skin removed during each procedure, the amount of muscle work involved, and the incision in each case.

Let’s discuss each case separately:

Full Tummy Tuck Vs Mini Tummy Tuck

Mini Tummy Tuck Procedure

Mini Tummy Tuck is to treat minor pouching of the lower belly which is caused significantly due to stretching of the lower abdominal muscles. Mainly, it’s used to tighten the muscles. If your body is showing sagging of the lower abdomen then combining mini tummy tuck with liposuction can bring in great results. Remember that:

The deep layer of fat is taken out of the abdomen, which if not, can redistribute in the pocket. In this case enough skin is cut through which the fat can be removed and the muscle can be tightened, and skin is defatted. The scar you will have in this procedure will be from one side of pubic pound to the other side. The scar however is quite thin and disguised, since not much tension is exerted for closing the scar.

The limitations for Mini Tummy Tuck involve:

  • This procedure has not been recognized as a great skin tightening procedure.
  • Only a limited amount of skin can be tightened up with this method. If you try doing more, the scar gets longer and cannot be hidden. Yet, despite a longer scar, the results are still not great enough.
  • Stretch marks are not handled well by Mini tummy tuck.
  • Muscle wall above the belly button is not taken care by mini tummy tuck.

Full Tummy Tuck Procedure

This surgical procedure treats two conditions at the same time; it caters excess skin in the belly, and also handles muscle separation. Full tummy tuck is actually a procedure involving two operations. Skin excision in this procedure is called Dermatolipectomy in which the extra skin in the area between pubic mound and belly button is removed. Then the skin above the belly is stretched out to the point of pubic mound. Stretch marks are also pulled down and they lie above the pubic mound area.

In this procedure the scar is made from hip bone to hip, however it is not absolute. If the excess skin is a lot and there’s fold on the abdomen, then scar might need to go beyond hipbones. However, scar can also be made under the panty line which can easily be hidden.

For any of these plastic surgery procedures the best decision will be made by your surgeon. Your body will be examined and you will go through a complete consultation where your medical tests will be conducted; health condition will be examined, and the best suitable procedures for you will be discussed with you. Your choice and your surgeon’s suggestion will both enable you to achieve the desired results. However, remember to follow the complete instruction guide for successful results.

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