Discover Pilates Exercises and Workout Benefits

Exercising is quite beneficially on a long run and there are many forms of exercising methods, in which Pilates exercises are unique and do give great results to keep you fit and firm. How to discover Pilates exercises and workout benefits? Let us go through the history knowing the origin and implementation of Pilates exercises and workouts.

Joseph Pilates discovered this form of exercise in 1920’s and it was named after him “Pilates”. The Pilates exercise involves the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility and awareness in order to support efficient and graceful body movements. The core focusing is the key to Pilates exercises that strengthens the body completely.

To discover Pilates exercises and workout benefits we need to study the underlying concepts in the method and the ways to implement the same. There are six Pilates principles that includes – Centering, Control, Flow, breath, precision and concentration.

Pilates exercises

If you want to follow the Pilates method of exercising you have to follow all the six principles. When you discover Pilates exercises and workout benefits you could see significant results in shorter period. There are many forms of Pilates exercises that one can perform, but if you are a new to this method of exercising it is best to perform beginners method.

The large selection of Pilates exercises include the following forms:

  • Pilates Mat Exercises – The mat exercises starts with a warm up session and includes many body positioning exercises that concentrates on core strength and better physical movement. The mat exercises are mainly for upper body focus, lower body work, core and abdominal focus and fundamentals of Pilates movements.
  • Pilates Beginners Exercises – This form of session is for beginners who want to start up that includes Pilates fundamentals, pelvic curl, chest lift, roll back, open leg balance, one leg circles, wall roll down, swan prep exercise, legwork Pilates and Pilates plank.
  • Pilates Workout – Pilate workouts are designed to suit people of different kind. This mostly includes stretches.
  • Pilates Ball Exercises – The Pilates ball is meant to strengthening the body, balance and to tone the body using Pilates ball. Again this also focus on stretches with upper body, back, should and chest.
  • Pilates Ring Exercises – The Pilates ring is defined as a magic circle that helpful for toning and strengthening the body. Upper body toning, roll up with ring, inner thigh press and arm press with ring seated position and more
  • Pilates Equipment Exercises – This type of exercise involves small props such as band, ring, reformer, step barrel that are used to perform the exercise.
  • Pilates Exercises Techniques – There are certain techniques that can be performed to have the most efficient and toned muscles. Pilates exercises involve unique techniques that has to be learnt well.

When you discover Pilates exercises and workout benefits you will know that Pilates uses an integrative approach toward exercising that involves strengthening the entire body and not just a part. Pilates exercises and workouts concentrate on building a strong foundation and focusing on core improvement of the body on a long run.

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10 Replies to “Discover Pilates Exercises and Workout Benefits”

  1. I’m looking for strengthening exercises for the complete body and found this post. I’ve never heard of the Pilates exercises before. I think it’s just what I’m looking for and will give it a try.

  2. I haven’t tried Pilates before. But I too have heard that it’s a great type of exercise. If Pilates is a bit similar to yoga, then I guess Pilates is also something I can dig. It’s not very popular where I live, but perhaps I can find some videos to follow. Thanks for this post!

  3. Pilates is such a great workout. When I first started college, I signed up for a class that was only twice a week but by mid semester I seriously had the flattest belly ever. It can be really hard, but if you have a good teacher they’ll be able to adjust things for you to make them easier but still challenging.

  4. I’ve never done pilates, but I’ve seen some of my other male friends doing it and they seemed to really enjoy themselves. I think it’s not for everyone though: some people like running, some people like lifting. They hired a pretty bad yoga teacher in high school PE to get us interested, but I think I’m ready to get started again. Thanks for the article!

  5. I “discovered” Pilates a few years ago, by buying a couple of DVDs. When I previewed the videos, I have to say, I was disappointed and didn’t really think much of it, but when I did the workout, I was surprised at what a great workout it is. The exercises look easy to do, but when done correctly are deceptively difficult. They will really strengthen your core in no time at all.

  6. Pilates is definitely on my list of exercises to try. It seems so calming and relaxing, yet also a great way to improve balance and strength. I will have to start with the beginner exercises.

    This is a good overview. Thanks for the article.

  7. This blog inspired me to do Pilates work out. I can’t even do a proper push up.. I need to strengthen my arms. I believe a healthy body is not only about eliminating fats, toxics and body toning but also strengthening the core and body muscles.

  8. I love pilates! It reminds me of yoga but incorporates a lot more strength, which is so essential for women and often overlooked! I find the group atmosphere very encouraging.

    I did learn something new and interesting from this article – pilates has only been around since 1920! I had no idea it was so new. It has become amazingly popular in a relatively short time. Thanks for the new information!

  9. I have always participated in running events growing up and never really took the time to look into Pilates. Now that I have two children and more responsibilities it is harder for me to go running or get to the gym. Several of my friends do Pilates and I have heard great things about it. I’m excited to give it a try and see the results! If it is anything similar to Yoga I think I will greatly enjoy it!

  10. I have heard of Pilates, but had the incorrect mindset that high impact exercises were the fastest way to get into shape. As I have gotten older and have had issues with knee and hip pain alternatives for high impact exercise have become a must. While performing high impact exercises I would rarely take the time to stretch. I really like the fact that Pilates incorporates stretching into the exercises since my flexibility also needs improvement. Pilates looks like a great alternative to high impact exercise for those of us who may be struggling with issues that sideline us from higher impact exercises.

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