Effective Weight Loss Secret: Lifestyle Change Needs Energy – Energy Comes From Attitude

Did you ever notice that people who are unhappy have a certain aura and energy level compared to people who are happy and positive? This is not an accident. You have to understand that your energy level is a reflection of how you view life. If you look at life as an experience that has endless possibilities and that lead to a greater sense of fulfillment, chances are you would have a lot of energy. On the other hand, if you look at life as something to be fearful of, something to be avoided because you are afraid of being disappointed or being hurt, or you are just completely jaded as to what life offers, then the energy that you have tends to be more restricted and limited.

Make no mistake about it. Your mindset impacts your energy levels. If you want to change your lifestyle and lose weight, look better, feel better, and otherwise be a better person, you need a lot of energy. It’s very hard to do fundamental life changes without a reservoir of energy. Unfortunately, people often overlook the power of the impact of the right mental state and attitude on their energy levels. This is really a shame.

The good news is that there are many things in life that we cannot control. Let me get that out of the way. If lightning comes out of the sky and strikes your car, there’s really not much you can do about it. However, you do have a lot of control regarding how you respond to things outside of you. Do you understand this? Do you get this? Can you wrap your mind around this? By focusing on the things you can control, namely your emotions, your attitudes, and your mental states, you can control your world.

Lifestyle Change

How? Your mental states impact your emotional triggers. Your emotional triggers impact your actions. If you understand how these are interlinked, then you understand how you can change your life. Why? Your physical actions change your world. If you have a lot more energy, you put in a lot more work, and chances are you might get promoted; you might get a raise. If you put in the right kind of work, you’re able to lose weight, you feel better, you look better. There are just so many things you could do when you change your actions. As you probably already know, the world only cares about your actions.

It doesn’t really care how good of a person you are, what you say, or what you think; all it looks at is the objective reality. What you do. What the impact of your actions on other people is. The good news is that by changing your attitude and changing your mental state, you will be able to change your emotional triggers and emotional patterns, which then change your physical actions. You change your physical actions; you change your outer world. That’s how it works. That’s why it’s crucial to understand that lifestyle change needs energy. The good news being all of these is that to boost your energy levels, all you need to do is pay attention to your attitude.

Your Lifestyle Is a Reflection of Your Attitude

What kind of attitude do you have? You have to understand that attitudes are like sunglasses. They are something that you choose. Let me repeat that again, because many people just don’t get this. Your attitude is something that you choose. The moment you become conscious about your attitude is the moment you will be able to choose your attitude. The main reason why many people think that they are simply grouchy, grumpy, negative, cynical, pessimistic, you name it, is because they don’t bother to realize or find out that they can choose their attitude.

Attitudes are like sunglasses. You can put them on, you can put them off. You can find a new pair, and you can put them on. You can try on many different types of attitudes. The good news is that as you switch from one attitude to another, you would notice different changes. Not only do you notice the emotional chain reactions at play within your own body and mind, you also see changes in how people respond to you.

In many cases, the simple act of choosing the right attitude leads to changes in your daily reality. You might want to try it sometime. Instead of scowling and frowning all the time, try smiling. Don’t expect other people to smile back, don’t expect other people to respond back positively; just keep smiling, and smiling, and smiling. Day after day. You’d notice small changes building up to huge changes. Why? The world responds to your actions. It doesn’t respond to what you think the world should be, what you’re entitled to, it doesn’t matter. What matters is what’s outside. Your attitude impacts the image you project outside, and it can be really as simple as a smile.

You Actually Have a Lot of Energy

Another key truth that you need to understand about your attitude is that it impacts how you view your energy levels. The reality is that you have a lot of energy. Unfortunately, when you select the wrong attitude, you might think that you have low energy levels, or you might think that your energy is short-lived. No. You have a lot of energy. You have to realize this truth. You have to use the right kind of attitude, put on the right kind of sunglasses, so to speak, to tap this energy. Otherwise, this energy will remain dormant. You have a lot more energy.

Misdirected Energy

The problem with the energy that you do have, when you have a bad attitude, is you misdirect it. Instead of your energy projecting towards a goal or being focused towards an objective, when you have the wrong attitude, it’s misdirected. You focus on the bad things people did to you in the past, you focus on getting revenge on people, you focus on how hurt you feel, you focus on how much of a victim you are, so on and so forth. Do you see what’s wrong with this picture? You are taking amazing, pure energy, and wasting it. Focus on something that will move your life forward. Focus on things that truly matter. Your attitude is your focusing mechanism. The good news, as I mentioned earlier, is that you can change the set of sunglasses you’re wearing. You can change your attitude.

Change Your Attitude through Feedback Tweaks

One great tip for changing your attitude is to pay attention to feedback. It’s very simple. It’s a common response pattern. Start with your current attitude and notice that feedback you’re getting. Do you feel happy? Do you feel accepted? Do you feel content? Do you feel comfortable in your skin? If you don’t, change your attitude, and then test if you feel a little bit better. Keep tweaking until you get the feedback you are looking for.

Positive Changes Lead to Positive Attitudes and a Positive Chain Reaction

To expand on the feedback tweak mechanism mentioned above, it all happens in a chain. First, you make changes to your attitude. Your attitude then impacts your actions. These then produce positive changes in your external world which then impacts your attitude some more. If you pay attention to how this all plays out, it creates an upward spiral. Positive changes lead to positive attitudes which lead to positive acts, which then lead to even more positive changes which lead to even more positive attitudes, so on and so forth. Which ride would you rather be on? Something that’s going up and up, or something that just goes down and down?

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  1. I agree that the power of positive thinking can be use to increase your energy level. Even a small change in your attitude can have amazing effects. I look forward to reading more about this topic in future posts.

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