Get More Energetic Body This Winter! Adopt these foods in Your daily lifestyle

Winters are slow, sluggish and less energetic. The food we eat takes more time to get digested. All we feel like is to snuggle-up into the warm blanket with a hot cup of soup. Cold weather outside and lazy evenings inside the house are the best. Indian winters and the ‘chai’ lovers have another level of fan-base. Why not? It actually is the best feeling.

But life does not go that way. You have to get up and go to work. A lousy lifestyle is no way productive and we know that. We need the required energy and to do that, maybe just the thoughts aren’t enough. What is the use of enthusiasm if the diet you follow is not energetic enough to carry you around the whole day?

That is why we have gathered–up a list of a few energetic foods to amp-up your winter experience with taste and nutrition. Maybe you can add them into your diet for a completely productive week and then relax down in your favorite blanket on the weekend, that too without any guilt.

Foods to improve energy levels

A good diet can set everything straight and every time you eat, it is another chance for you to fuel your body with the required energy and nutrition. All the foods from nature are known for their specific qualities. Let’s go through a few of them one by one.

1. Bananas

This evergreen fruit is well-known for its healthy fats. It is a rich source of Vitamin-B6, potassium, and carbohydrates. Nutritionists recommend eating one banana as the first thing in the morning to accumulate extra energy for daily activities. It is a good source of fat and will keep you going for a long while in the winter.

Bananas can be used as a portion of good pre-workout food for an energetic work-out.



2. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are delicious and healthy. They can be seen being sold as healthy snacks on the roads in northern India during winters. They are rich in fiber, carbohydrates, and sugar. This official winter food gets digested slowly that helps us in gathering an extra amount of energy.

3. Coffee

Of course, coffee has to be on the list. Coffee contains caffeine and caffeine boosts energy. One cup of coffee is enough to wake you up in the morning. It easily gets mixed-up in your blood-stream and provides instant energy.

Coffee without milk is low in calories but gives the required kick to keep you going.



4. Dark-Chocolate

Dark chocolates are rich in cocoa, which helps in activating brain cells by supplying oxygen to the blood thus improving the brain function. It is full of anti-oxidants thus helps in turning you active really quick.

It is good for the skin and is another food that can be eaten before a workout.

5. Oatmeal

Oats are the perfect breakfast through-out the year. But especially for the winter season, they are known to keep your energy level high. They are rich in fibers that digest slowly. It forms a slimy material with water which prevents the stomach from emptying.

Oats are also rich in vitamins and mineral thus always good for healthy quick breakfast.

6. Popcorn

Another roadside food in India which becomes really popular in winter. Pop-corns are made of corn which is a good source of energy.

They are lower in calories and make you feel full easily. They can be used as a good option at the place of potato chips as a snack.

7. Nuts

Nuts are easy snacks, healthy foods and really nutritious. It contains omega-3 fatty acids which are the reason that the food with a good quantity of nuts feels heavy. Soak them to eat in the morning or mix them with for an energy drink.

8. Ghee

Ghee is an Indian clarified butter which is good for health especially in winters. It is a fatty substance that provides sustainable energy and bonus along with a dose for healthy winter skin. Ghee is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Eat it by adding one spoon in your regular food and accumulate the goodness.

9. Brown Rice

Brown rice is nutritious and a better choice than white rice for a lot of people. They are rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Compared to white rice, it does not make you sleepy and provides sustainable energy for a longer time.

10. Water

Of course, we can’t ignore the water. A substance as simple as water is also important for winters. A lot of people forget the value of water in winters because they do not feel the quenching thirst. But hydration is very necessary for all the minerals in your body to reach their places and to flush-out all the toxins from the body.



Final Thought

Winters can be harsh with all the increasing pollution and falling temperature. That’s why you need to take extra care of yourself and of your family to avoid any kind of obstacle in daily life during winters. Eat healthy and energetic food, wear warm clothes and yes! Do not forget hydration.

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