Essential Oils to Inspire Creativity and Focus in the Workplace

An office essential oil should be several things simultaneously: inspiring (it’s all about eliciting creativity and focus), aromatic (hello, sandalwood and lavender) and enjoyable for everyone around you (you don’t want to fill a shared space with overpowering scents). With that in mind, not every single essential oil is ideal for your workplace goals; different scents and oil blends will conjure different feelings. And if you’re anything like us, you aim for an office space that inspires creativity, focus and calm under pressure.

Getting Your Daily Dose

New to essential oils? Welcome aboard. These concentrated, plant-derived oils can be used for therapeutic, cosmetic and aromatic applications. The two best ways to get your daily dose at work is by directly applying oils to the skin (after diluting them with carrier oil) and by using an essential oil diffuser.

You can also add these heavenly scents to the bath or a massage, but save that for your post-work self-care routine. Note that if you go the diffuser route, the oils will transform into a fine mist that fills the air and floats throughout the room, which may disturb office mates with allergies or asthma. Be sure to use light, universal scents if you decide to diffuse in a shared space.

With that being said, whether you directly apply or diffuse, the following are some of the best essential oils for focus and creativity throughout the work week!

Best Essential Oils for Creativity

When you’re prepping for a creative session, sinking into the right state of mind is key. Your goal should be to reach a place of openness, inspiration and enjoyment to get the creative juices flowing. These oils are known to open the mind and heart for the best creative endeavors.

Essential Oils for Creativity

  • Lavender

    This lovely, floral scent is closely linked with calm and tranquility—two things you’re going to need when you enter your next big brainstorming sesh! It’s also one of the most popular essential oils, so it’s a safe bet for shared offices.

  • Clary Sage

    If you’re in search of an essential oil that’s big on balance, clary sage is ideal. It’s also said to boost your intuition and consciousness, which you’ll need when you’re trying to come up with fresh, new ideas.

  • Frankincense

    The earthy, balsamic scent of frankincense makes it a very popular choice for relaxation and Zen-focused environments. It’s well-known for being calming and inspiring, so it can help you reach creative levels when you’re stressed out.

  • Sandalwood

    Sandalwood is a gentle, woody oil that’s known for relieving tension and calming agitation and nerves. In fact, it’s a favorite for meditation because it helps clear the mind and encourage openness, which you’ll need if you’re facing creative tasks.

  • Grapefruit

    Two of the biggest inhibitors of creative thinking are moodiness and fatigue. When you’re feeling down and out, being creative feels downright difficult. Grapefruit essential oil can brighten your mood and help you stay alert.

Best Essential Oils for Focus

Avoiding that mid-afternoon crash or the feeling of post-meeting burnout can really set your to-do list back an item or two. Using focus-boosting essential oils will help you stay on track so you’re more productive without building your stress levels.

Essential Oils for Focus

  • Rosemary

    The herby smell of rosemary essential oil makes it a delight to enjoy during the workday. It’s known for its ability to boost memory retention and alertness, so it can help you stay focused and alert.

  • Lemon

    Bright, citrusy and amazingly versatile, lemon oil is a true-blue mood-lifter! Its energizing scent helps you reconnect with yourself and wake up so that you’re able to dedicate your brain power completely to your list of to-dos.

  • Eucalyptus

    When you think of eucalyptus oil, you probably think of a strong, stimulating scent. Indeed, this aromatic essential is ideal for pushing the thinking power into high gear and will help you work harder and smarter.

  • Bergamot

    Citrusy, fruity and warm, bergamot oil can be characterized as unique and vibrant, which can help you channel your inner creative focus. This oil reduces worry and increases brain activity.

  • Basil

    Basil isn’t just for pesto! It’s also used to help you calm and focus the mind, especially when you’re facing a particularly stressful client meeting or presentation. A little bit in the diffuser can help quell stress in any high-pressure scenario.

Bonus: The Best Germ-Fighting Essential Oil

If you’re like many office workers, you might be in the habit of wiping down your desk and computer peripherals with strong and potentially dangers cleaning wipes. To keep your office space germ-free (and smelling fresh while you’re at it), we recommend germ-fighting blends that combine antiseptic, antibacterial essential oils such as lemon, clove bud and eucalyptus. Because they’re made from gentle, natural sources, they’re better for the body and mind!

We’d definitely recommend doing a little bit of experimentation with these various essential oils to see how they fare in your life. Combining oils and adjusting the frequency in which you use them can help you create a tailored oil routine that stimulates the brain and helps you zero-in on the day’s most important tasks. Don’t forget to follow-up at night with calming essential oils that help you wind down and get quality sleep for a productive work week!

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