Exercises for Cancer Patients – How to Stay Fit After Treatment

Recovery from cancer is like getting a second life but if proper care is not taken, it might strike again which can be even more severe for the patient. So, a proper attention should be given to the health in order to avoid the recurrence of cancer and according to the research and studies, it is said that proper exercise routine along with balanced diet is the primary thing which the patient should concern.

In this article, we will be discussing the exercises for cancer patients and how exercises can help in better and faster recovery According to the best cancer specialist in Jaipur. There are numerous advantages of exercises like it will keep the patient healthy and fit, it lowers the rate of side effects caused by treatment methods like chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Other than this, the exercises are handy in increasing the survival rate after the cancer treatment.

Another issue which the patient face after the cancer treatment is Obesity/ Overweight. Overweight is a serious side-effect of medicines which needs to be controlled on time and exercise is the thing which can assist you in achieving this. The exercises for cancer patients are as follows:


It is quite difficult to start running after the cancer treatment but with the passage of time and regular exercises, the patient can get into the habit of running. Start with slow running or jogging and then slowly increase it with the span of time. It will improve the heart rate of the patient. Also, it will control the body weight and increase the metabolism of the patient. Running keeps you active.


This is the simplest exercise for cancer patients after the cancer treatment. After the cancer treatment, the metabolism of the patient gets lowered due to which it is not possible for the patients to undergo intense exercises. But we need to start from somewhere, and walking is one which can be performed at first. It will help in improving the patient’s mindset towards exercising. Morning walk is best for health.


Yoga is one the best exercise for the well being of the physical, mental, and spiritual health of the cancer patient. Perform different asanas for 30 minutes in the morning and feel refreshed for the whole day. Yoga is very much effective in reducing the different types of side effects of cancer treatment like fatigue, anxiety, stress, etc.


As we have already mentioned that being overweight can be the most dangerous thing to have after the cancer treatment. It improves the chances of recurrence of cancer. So, to control weight, Bicycling can be the best exercise for you. It helps the cancer patient in controlling weight and keeps a person physically active for the whole day.

Weight Lifting

After the cancer treatment, it is frequently seen that the patients lose their muscles and gain fat. So, to rebuild the muscles, it is important to perform weight lifting. Weightlifting is a beneficial exercise as would help in rebuilding the muscles along with maintaining the body weight.


Stretching provides the required flexibility to the body. Performing at least 2-3 Stretching exercises are good enough to maintain the flexibility of the body.


Swimming is again a good exercise for cancer patients to opt. It is helpful in controlling the body weight and other side effects of cancer treatment. Swimming also supports in reducing the risk of heart attack, diabetes, stroke, etc. So, one should start swimming for the faster and healthy recovery after the cancer treatment.

Add-on Changes to the Daily Life

Here we are going to discuss different hacks which you need to execute to your daily life routine to get better results. The add-on changes which the cancer patients should implement in their daily life are:

  • Make a habit of a short walk after lunch and dinner.
  • Go for stairs instead of an elevator or escalator.
  • Close the room and have small dancing sessions, it will help in burning a lot of calories.
  • Use a pedometer to calculate the daily walking distance.
  • Participate in a different type of physical and mental games.

How to Adhere to a Particular Exercise Plan?

It is very difficult to adhere to a particular exercise plan. Here we will let you know about the different tricks which will help you in sticking to a particular exercise plan.

  • Set short and achievable goals.
  • Add a fun aspect with your exercises.
  • Be aware of your long-term goal.
  • Make and follow a strict but flexible exercise routine.
  • Have a note of regular progress.

So, the cancer patients must perform all the above exercises after consulting with the doctor. It is strictly mentioned that the patients should communicate with the doctor before undergoing any kind of exercises.

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