Fitness Inspiration for the Holidays

Inspiration. This word essentially means to stay mentally stimulated to do something and right now, as the weather is cooling down and many of us have family gatherings to attend between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, we could all use a little inspiration to keep us moving towards our life goals for health and fitness.

Let’s admit something, staying fit and healthy is a daily battle for many of us and sometimes it takes a little push to get us up and going. Spending time with family or friends is great and should most definitely be part of our lives, but let’s not forget the battle we have fought thus far to get where we are today! If you want to stay fit and healthy over the holidays, you may just benefit with a few inspirational tips to help you along the way.

Fitness Inspiration

Rise and Shine Early!

If you can wake up and hope out of bed early for 20 or 30 minutes of a training session or to grab a friend and take a brisk walk around the block each day, you are well on your way to maintaining or reaching your fitness goals. The earlier you can get your workout done, the more time you can relax with family and friends and enjoy the festivities of the holidays.

Hydrate your body!

Before you sit down for a large family meal, grab a glass and fill it up, with water! The more water you drink, the more hydrated your body will be but you will also fill up so those sugary desserts and that extra helping of Aunt Sue’s world famous stuffing won’t be necessary.

Volunteer to cook a dish!

No one ever said that you needed to stick to high carb and excessive starches over the holidays. Take a little time to make a great healthy food dish to share with everyone. There is no better way to keep your healthy eating right on track than to bring it to your best friend’s house with you when you go for dinner. This will give you something healthy to eat and will also share the love you have for your own body and health with those you care about the most.

Stop and relax!

With all the worry about staying fit and healthy, it is easy to forget about relaxing and just enjoying the life we have and the people we have around us. Take time to sit back and just relax. The holidays only come around once a year and there is nothing wrong with taking a little break from things to just laugh with friends, reminisce with family or grab a piece of cake from the dessert cart.

Stay inspired!

Stay inspired during the holidays to stay on track, but don’t let your brain go into overdrive worrying about what one or two days without working out or what one or two pieces of pie will do to your waist. When the holidays are over, be sure to take a moment to reflect on just how great you are doing with staying fit and healthy and start planning your next goal for the New Year to come.

Ross Campbell is an entrepreneur that enjoys staying healthy, on his free time you can catch him at the gym. Currently he is working with Taylor Benefits Insurance.

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