Great Exercises To Sculpt Your Thighs

Well sculpted thighs give you a sexy look. They also increase your confidence as you feel comfortable wearing shorts. If you want to learn easy ways to sculpt the thighs, here are some of the best exercises to engage in:

Basic leg lift

You should start by lying on the floor with your legs outstretched and your feet flexed. You should bend your right elbow so that your right hand supports your head. Moving your right leg slightly, you should bend your knee about 90 degrees.

While keeping your hips and shoulders stacked, and your left leg straight, you should engage your outer thigh and lift your left leg about 45 degrees off the ground.

You should maintain in this position until tension starts to build and then slowly lower the leg to the ground. By returning to the original position you will have completed one rep. For ideal results you should do at least four reps.

If you feel uncomfortable when lying on the floor, you should lie on a carpet or yoga mat. If you have back problems you should put a folded towel under the curve of your back. To avoid injury, you should always ensure that your hands are flat on the floor.

Pike leg pulses

You should lie on the floor on your side with your legs outstretched. Just like when doing leg lifts, you should move your right leg slightly, and bend the knee about 90 degrees. You should maintain at this position for some time and then straighten it so that it’s in line with your waist.

While keeping your hips and shoulders stacked, you should engage your outer thigh by lifting your left leg until it gets to the same level with your hip.

You should hold in this position for about 30 seconds and lower the legs with control. For ideal results you should do 5 reps of this exercise.

Split Leg Lifts

You should start the exercise by lying on the floor on your right side. For ideal results you should ensure that your right elbow is on the floor beneath your right shoulder. Your palm should also be on the floor in order to provide support.

While keeping both of your legs straight, you should lift the left leg and stack the foot above the left hip. You should then move your left hand on the left ankle.

While moving your right ankle in order to meet the left one, you should engage your core and inner thighs. You should pause at this position for 30 seconds and then slowly lower your legs.

You should do at least five repetitions of this exercise. For ideal results you should avoid touching your legs to the ground between the repetitions. In addition to helping you to sculpt your thighs this exercise is also great in exercising your hips.


These are some of the best exercises to sculpt your thighs. To see quick results you should do the exercise at least four days a week.

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0 thoughts on “Great Exercises To Sculpt Your Thighs”

  1. Legs can be the hardest work out, in fact you do not have to use any weight but your own and you will feel the burn the next day. It is so worth it though.

    i also add mule kicks and hip flexes and lunges to the mix. Some days the good old step up works just as well to break up mundane routines. It has been so worth it I lost 5 inches on my thighs in 3 months!

  2. Oh legs are my weak spot! I just did these and I am already feeling it. Tomorrow should be a good day LOL. Thanks for sharing, can’t wait to start seeing results!

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