Guide To Buying Workout Videos

Workout videos are very important to any person who wants to lose weight. This is because they guide one on how to work out properly.

Although, the videos are important, you need to be careful when buying them. For you to buy the right video and save money you need to do the following:

Read Consumer Reviews

Before you part with your hard earned money you should read what different people have to say about different workout videos. The good side is that there are many places where you can read the reviews from.

Two of the great places where you can get great reviews are: and By reading the reviews you will know the right workout video to buy.

Watch a Preview

Other than reading reviews, you also need to watch a video preview. Here you need to visit the site selling the video and click on it. By watching the video preview you will know whether the video is right for you or not.

Workout Videos

Go For Used

Used products usually cost less than retail and as a result you save a lot of money. If you are operating on a tight budget, you should consider visiting sites such as eBay and craigslist and look for someone selling an old video. For the video to be of value to you, you should ensure that it’s of good quality.

Rent It

If you are not planning of using a video for a long time, you should consider renting it. Here you need to visit your local store and ask if they can rent you a video. There are also many websites that rent good quality videos and DVDs.

If you have friends who are into workout you should ask them to rent you their favorite videos.

Buy Videos That Fit Your Fitness Level

Workout videos are designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercisers. To benefit you should go for those that fit your fitness level.

If you have stayed for a long time without exercising or you have never exercised before, you should go for beginner videos.

If you have been exercising for sometime (at least three months) you should go for an intermediate or advanced video.

When buying, you should be wary of the descriptions on the videos. This is because some state that they are beginner and yet they are advanced.

Go For Videos That Fit Your Workout of Interest

There are different types of exercises that you can engage in. For example, there is cardio workout, yoga, Pilates, strength training, step, and kickboxing.

Workout videos are designed for different types of exercises and all you need to do is to choose a video that is designed for your type of workout.

To get the most from your money, you should go for videos that include more than one workout. If you are unsure of the right video to go for, you should consult a workout expert. You can also use a video catalog to help you in making the right choice.

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0 thoughts on “Guide To Buying Workout Videos”

  1. I agree with the advice to check the reviews before buying a workout video. I’m looking at the Jillian Michaels videos since they are getting great reviews on Amazon and they have several different ones to choose from.

  2. You’re quite right. It’s important to get the right video for you – what works for your friend, may not work for you. There are a lot of variables when considering videos – you want to make sure that you like the instructor and the music is inspiring. You need to make sure the workout is one you can do (not too easy or too hard) and is targeting the area you want to work. One site I really like is – they have a lot of different workouts, and they have previews so that you can get a feel as whether you’ll like the workout or not.

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