Guide to the Fat Loss Factor

Fat loss factor is a weight loss program that is designed to help you get rid of belly fat and as a result you get a flat belly. The program combines diet plans and exercises which work together to give you the required results.

The program was designed by Michael Allen also known as Dr. Charles D.C. Dr Charles is a licensed chiropractor and a certified advanced nutritionist with many years of experience.

How the Program Works

The fat loss factor is divided into four phases:

Fat Loss Factor

  1. The first phase is about internal body and liver cleanings. This phase is meant to help you clean the toxins and other additives from the body. Here the liver and body are cleansed through a number of processes. The processes take a period of two weeks.
  2. The second phase is aimed at helping you learn about the foods that help you burn excessive fat. The phase is characterized by a variety of foods.
  3. The third phase is designed to help you learn the reasons why most of the exercises involved in weight loss fail. Here you will learn about lack of commitment and many other reasons that make exercises fail.
  4. The fourth and the last phase of the program discuss the various diet programs and how they can affect you. You will also learn why the programs fail in giving you the results that you deserve. In this phase you will not only learn about the different diets, but you will also learn how to prepare the most important diets.

Fat Loss Factor Package

When you buy the program, you will get a fat loss factor success package. The package contains a number of components such as:

  • Quick start guide: this is a 52 page ebook that gives you an overview of the entire weight loss process
  • 10 minute raw food recipes: this is a collection of the recipes of the best foods that are of benefit to your body.
  • Main manual: this is the main component of the package. The manual shows you how to lose weight and maintain your new weight. The ebook consist of 141 pages.

In addition to these, there are also videos and software that are meant to help you achieve your desired weight safely and within the shortest time possible.

Pros of the Program

One of the advantages of the program is that it recommends one to take fresh foods which ensure that you are healthy.

The program also recommends one to engage in healthy exercises that are meant to help you burn more calories. The good side is that the program comes with exercise videos and guides that make it easy for you to understand how to do the exercises.

Cons of the Program

Although, the program has a number of benefits, it also has a number of disadvantages. One disadvantage is that some of the exercises recommended in the program require weight or gym equipment which can be unaffordable for some people.

Another disadvantage is that although the diet is healthy, it’s almost impossible to get some items without the package.

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2 Replies to “Guide to the Fat Loss Factor”

  1. If you stick with the program it will work and I actually find this program quite easy to follow compared to others I have tried.

  2. What I like about the fat loss factor is that they have devided it up into phases. This I belive give people the idea of working towards something and that at each phase workout are different. Also the recipe book should be very helpful to anyone who uses the program as most of us do not know how to prepare some of the more healthy and delicious meals that must be had when working out. You can progress at your own pace here which means everyone can benefit greatly.

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