Gym Motivation – What is your Motivation to Lose Weight?

“Motivation is defined as the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal”. When we talk about gym motivation we relate that to weight loss so the goal here is “Weight Loss” and to achieve weight loss we need to work out which is possible through gym.

We all want to have the perfect figure, great abs; flat stomach and fit body and most of us really don’t take it seriously and think that we cannot achieve the same. I believe that organized and planned routine can help us achieve the goals on a long run and this is so true with weight loss.

If you like to lose weight it is suggested that you take proper rest, take good source of nutrition and exercise daily. Gym is a great solution for weight loss and performing cardio and strength training is the core at the gym.

Gym Motivation

Cardio exercise sessions are mostly 40 minutes that requires your heart rate to rise for up to 70 percent while exercising. Gyms have cardio exercising equipments and also there are classes for step aerobics, stationary bikes for practicing, and swimming pools for swimming exercises.

In general any activity that increases your cardio is counted, elliptical are good examples. Strength training is to build the body muscles and help you to become firm and toned. There are normally group sessions for beginners that include resistance training to prevent injury while exercising.

Free weights or machines are forms that are performed for strength training. It is ideal to set three week strength training exercising that can be even 30 minutes in a day. This form of exercising helps you to build your lean muscles and to build your stamina.

If you plan to go to gym to reduce weight then you need to do it step by step:

  • The first thing is to locate a gym that is near to your residing area, this gives you more time and energy and avoid long commute.
  • Second, you need to set the timings for gym workouts and decide what time you want o go to gym? When you plan your timings stick to the same, that’s how you can exercise on a routine.
  • Thirdly, you need to engage yourself in moderate exercising methods as a start. Starting with the less strenuous exercise help you to build your body slowly and help you advance to hard levels in future. It is suggested that you work out for 60 minutes a day but as a beginner you can do 30 minute session exercises. If you have a health conditions consult your doctor before starting exercising regime.

Gym takes a mind body approach that teaches you to have healthy eating habits and to reduce stress. It helps to provide most structured and consistence exercise routine and you will also guided by a qualified and trained instructor. To ensure that we reach the goal “Weight Loss” we need to follow two things healthy eating or a proper diet, gym exercising.

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6 Replies to “Gym Motivation – What is your Motivation to Lose Weight?”

  1. This article actually made me ask my self, “why go to the gym?”. And then I remembered the reason, I wanna feel good about myself and I would want to be atleast confident with my own physique. Not long ago I was a tiny teenager then after college I gained almost 15kg. And that increase actually changed a lot of things for me, my body and my self confidence. I really should start motivating muself for weightloss.

  2. I build my motivation by following fitness people and healthy meal pages! If you are craving something unhealthy you can go look at those pages and It makes you not want to eat it anymore lol

  3. Finding a gym that is close and a specific time to go is so important to meet your fitness and health goals. If a gym is too far away, it is just one more excuse not to hit the gym. Also, it really helps to pick a time to workout in which you are the most motivated. For me, I am most motivated in the morning and I love taking classes, so I picked a gym that offers morning classes.

  4. This article has some good suggestions. Going to a gym to get fit can help keep you motivated and it allows you to meet/interact with like minded people. Most gyms also offer classes that make getting fit fun.

  5. My biggest motivation to continue working out is after the first month because that’s when I start to see my body changing in the mirror. As soon as I start to see results it makes me want to go a little bit harder and a little bit longer each workout. I also get motivation from professional weight lifter’s on YouTube.

  6. The thing that motivates me is the refreshing feeling that I get after my workout. Before I workout, I try to think about what it feels like to finish a workout, and how great I will feel afterwards. Also, what mood will it put my in for the rest of the day? Getting up and going straight to you workout, also, getting it done and out of your way first thing in the morning is that best way to do it. I always feel thin and healthy when I finish working out. When I do not workout, I feel sluggish and I start to crave the sweet foods. The best thing to do , that helps me workout often, is to grab a partner, friend, buddy, etc. This way, this person that has the same goals as you, or for you will constantly push you to go to the gym often. Make sure not to pick someone that is likely to put it off.

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