How to Build Muscle without Weights

There are many people who want to know on how to build muscle without weights? Individuals who work for long hours or individuals who do not have time or individuals who cannot afford for buying exercising equipment or joining a gym want to perform exercises without any weights or equipments. Certainly one can build muscles without any weights at your place, be it home or hotel. The results may vary with time since muscle building is faster with weights or equipments when compared to other form of exercising.

For finding exercising methods you can surf on internet for more answers on how to build muscle without weights? There are certain exercises that you can perform without weights or you can exercise by using items at home or office, this way you build your own weights. You can put some heavy books on your back and do pushups. You can have your little boy on your back while you perform squatting.

Build Muscle without Weights

  • One limb exercising like 1 legged squats, 1 arm pushups, chin-ups, that puts on pressure on the muscles and make it stronger and firm. Doing deep knee bends builds the thighs, glutes, hips and good for lung endurance. This can be done with your feet about shoulder width apart then grab on to the edge of a firm support like a sink. Slowly bend your knees until your butt is few inches above the floor.
  • Calf rising can be done with steps, put your toes on the edge of the step and hold to the rail for balance then lower your heals and stretch and raise your toes as high and then repeat it as many times you can. Grip exercises are meant to build your muscles in fore arm and develop your hand strength. A hand rubber ball can be used for this you may squeeze it as hard as you can and then relax and repeat it as many times you can.
  • Crunches are meant for firming your abdomen and flattening you stomach. You can lie on your back with bent legs and your heels close to your butt, place your chin on your chest, and hands behind your head then raise your head up crunching your abs hard and repeat it for some time.
  • Chin-ups and push ups are meant to strengthen your shoulder, back and biceps. Start with regular push-ups then do the transitional ones with feet elevated. Keep your hands closer to work the triceps and shoulder muscles. Performing dip exercising is another method of strengthening muscles; you can use two chairs to lift your entire body weight for performing dip exercises.

You can find books and ebooks on how to build muscle without weights that can be useful for learning many more techniques on muscle building. There are many simple form of exercising that we can perform everyday like swimming, jogging, running, doing house hold tasks and anything that increases your cardio and that involves more pressure on your body. Any physical activity is considered to strengthen your body muscles and all you have to do is to take the initiative to perform them on a daily basis.

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6 Replies to “How to Build Muscle without Weights”

  1. I have been trying to firm my arm muscles. So I tried lifting 1 kg weights while walking. However, I did not see instant results. And to top it all off, the weight fell on my toe. Now, it is good to know that I can build muscles without the use of weights.

  2. When I exercise without weights, I try to do a lot of repetitions to make sure I feel my muscles being worked. There are many ways to do that. I do crunches for an entire commercial break or squats for an entire song. One of my favorite exercises is a burpee because it works the entire body and it can also get my heart rate up for cardio.

  3. Even if you are not using barbells or machines you are still using weight, it is just that it is your own weight causing the resistance. Its actually an excellent way to tone and shape, but I am not sure if I recommend it for people who are just starting to work out after not doing any activity for a long time, simply for the fact that they may not be able to handle there own body weight. Its no joke push ups are hard when your out of shape you would be better to do a inclined row with a 15lb barbell to get started, then build up to more.

  4. I really like this because I travel a lot and often don’t have access to a gym. I also want to stay fit. I have tried most of these techniques but it is good to be reminded of what is possible despite not having equipment at my fingertips. I also really like to do shadow boxing. It is great for getting an aerobic workout in a small space quickly. Great post.

  5. Personally, I think body weight exercises are often underutilized by fitness enthusiasts. While weighted exercises certainly have their benefits, compound body weight exercises like pullups are irreplaceable in a solid back routine.

    It goes without mentioning how convenient NOT having to bother with equipment can be as well. All of these exercises are great on their own or as an addition to an exercise regimen that includes weights.

  6. There are tons of ways to build muscle without weights. You don’t need to have them. They’re nice to have, but I think it’s easier at least for me, to not have to deal with having equipment with me. Especially if you’re a beginner, you probably don’t want to use weights right away. You might want to work your way up to that.

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