How to Lose Weight Even If You Have a Desk Job

It’s estimated that desk jobs have increased by over 83% since 1950. Although, this is the case, having a desk job is no excuse for not losing weight. Here are tips on how to lose weight even if you have a desk job:

Ditch Extra Calories

For you to lose weight you need to avoid calories. Here you need to ditch foods that have a lot of calories. Some of the foods that you need to avoid include: diet sodas and baked potato chips.

Although, you might be interested in avoiding taking these unhealthy foods, they could be the only food served in the office. To avoid eating the office food, you should consider carrying packed lunch with you.

Here you need to prepare healthy food in your home and then carry it to your office. One of the best foods that you can have as your packed lunch is turkey on a wheat pita. You can also have turkey with some leftover stir fry.

How to Lose Weight at office

Take Active Breaks

It’s common for office workers to have a number of breaks during the day. For example, office workers usually have a tea break, lunch break, and an afternoon tea break.

Instead of going for these breaks to chat with your colleagues, you should consider making them more active. Here you should engage in active activities such as walking a few flights of stairs, or walking around the office. If the breaks are longer, you can sneak to the nearest gym and engage your body.

Team Up

Office work encourages team work and you can take this culture to your advantage. Here you need to ask one of your colleagues to be your weight loss partner and join you in your weight loss efforts.

If possible, you can invite a number of your friends to join you in your efforts. By having a support group or a competition you put a lot of effort in your goals and as a result you easily achieve them.

Avoid Office Stress

Stress is one of the major contributors of weight gain; therefore, you should make every effort to avoid it for you to lose weight. The best way of avoiding stress is by avoiding situations that bring it up.

One of the things that you need to avoid is office gossip. By engaging in office gossip will you most likely hear something that will be offensive to you and as a result raise your stress levels.

Phone calls are also great sources of stress; therefore, you need to be cautious when picking them. Since it’s impossible to avoid picking the calls while in the office, you should make it your habit to always take a deep breath before you answer a call. By doing this you will not only feel better, but you will also sound more confident.

It’s also recommended that you chew gum when you feel stressed. Gum chewing has been shown to greatly diffuse tension. Chewing also lowers cortisol levels thus reducing storage of body fat.

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  1. Going for a walk during my break has been working well for me. Even though it’s only for a few minutes, it has enabled me to enjoy the time by spending it outside instead of sitting in the break room, eating junk food.

  2. When I was still working in an office set-up, I used to stand up once in a while and walk briskly to get my adrenaline working. Since lunch was one hour, I walked with my colleagues in going to the restaurants and back to the office. That way, I can exercise a bit. I sometimes packed my lunch which was according to how I liked it – less salt and oil and with more veggies. However, I put in some carbohydrates like one cup rice or noodles. Then in the afternoon, I just usually munched on juicy fruits to make me full.

  3. I work in front of the computer and even though that computer is at home these days, I still have the same habits I did when I was working in an office – sitting my butt in the chair and not moving until the work is done. I could break my work up and take some active breaks. It seems like a distraction but I need to change that attitude. If it can improve my productivity (which the research I found seems to indicate it will), it’s NOT a distraction. It’s a tool to keep me more alert and focused.

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