How to Lose Weight Using Yoga

Other than calming your mind, yoga also has the ability of helping you lose weight. For you to lose weight, you need to first warm up.

Here you need to stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart and your hands at your side. Breathing in your nose and mouth, you should raise your arms over your head then lower your arms while exhaling.

One of the best ways of losing weight is by building muscle. Here you need to engage in exercises that will help you build your body muscle.

How to Lose Weight Using Yoga


  • One of the best exercises to build muscle is the downward facing dog. Here you need to start the exercise in all fours. You should ensure that your hands are beneath your shoulders and your knees are under your hips. At this position you should move your hands a few inches forward and spread your fingers apart.
  • Pressing your palms into the mat, you should move your hips upwards into an upside down V position. To prevent cutting off blood circulation, you should ensure that your knees are slightly bent. You should hold in this position for sometime as you inhale and exhale.
  • The warrior pose is another great pose that you should consider engaging in. You should start the pose in a standing position with your arms at your side then step forward with your left foot so that your feet are three or four feet apart.
  • Turning your left foot inwards, you should bend your left knee and straighten your right leg. You should also raise your arms over your head.
  • You should hold in this position for some time and once you are tired, you should switch sides and repeat the pose.
  • A number of research studies have shown that the mountain pose is also a great pose when it comes to weight loss. You should start the pose by standing with your feet slightly apart, your shoulders relaxed, and your arms at your side. At this position you should breathe in and lift your arms up over your head.
  • With your palms facing each other and your arms straight, you should reach towards the sky with your fingertips. You should hold in this position for some time and then slowly lower your arms to your sides as you exhale.
  • For ideal results you should ensure that your movements are easy and fluid. You should be careful and avoid overextending yourself. This is because this will result to muscle injuries.
  • These are some of the exercises that you can engage in for you to lose weight. When doing the exercises you should always take caution and avoid injuring yourself. The best way of going about it is starting slow. Here you should start with the most basic poses then progress to the advanced poses.
  • You should avoid moving swiftly to the advanced poses as this will overwhelm you. For example, you should avoid engaging in an exercise that you are finding it hard to hold for a count of 8.

To ensure that you are on the right track, it’s always recommended that you consult a certified instructor.

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  1. I’m a firm believer in using yoga to lose weight. I’ve found that the warrior pose is great for focusing and strengthening and helps to build a connection with the Earth’s energy.

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