List of Foods That Have Zero Calories

Zero calorie foods are those that burn more calories that they contain. So what foods fill you up but are low in calories? Check out this list of zero and negative calorie foods that take away your appetite.

List of Foods That Have Zero Calories


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22 Replies to “List of Foods That Have Zero Calories”

  1. Thanks for the excellent list! These are great diet foods because they help you feel full and gain nutrients, without any risk of weight gain. I plan to stock up with everything on this list.

  2. Wow, the only one I knew about was celery, I had no idea so many foods were considered zero calorie. This is very helpful, thank you for this list!

  3. I only heard from a radio show that celery has little calories that eating them alone burns the gained calories. And I did not know that there are so much more food that has little calories! Thank you for this list! I would probably buy more fruits!

  4. Very cool infographic, most of my favorite foods are included! Barring the kelp, you can eat most of these foods raw. They make for a healthy snack and an excellent addition to a meal.

  5. I think this really backs up the idea that we should be eating natural foods to be healthy. All these foods are fruits and vegetables, that weren’t processed at all. And eating a plant based diet a majority of the time is one way to be incredibly healthy.

  6. Wow I didn’t know there were a lot of zero calorie foods, and most of them are really yummy too! I wish my mom would believe stuff I show her from the internet – she’s suffering mostly from joint pain, but insists that nothing can cure her as she’s tried everything. She wouldn’t believe that she needs a lifestyle change. I’d try to show her this and she’d say, “I don’t even eat dinner anymore.”

    But this is really informative. I’ll bookmark this so I can pull it up when i’m craving for a snack. 🙂

  7. Wow. This is the longest list of zero calorie foods I have seen yet. I’m definitely going to book mark it so I can find it again and put these foods on my shopping list. I would rather completely defeat my urge to eat emotionally but if I’m going to munch mindlessly, I like the idea of not consuming too many excess calories while I’m doing it.

  8. This is a really comprehensive list and a great infographic. I had no idea that there were that many zero calorie foods. Fantastic information for dieters.

  9. I had no idea that some of the foods on this list were zero calorie!! This is fascinating. Thank you for posting this. I knew celery and lettuce were zero calorie and that’s about it.

  10. Perfect! I have some new snack foods to add to my grocery list! Thank you so much, always looking to lower my calorie count.

  11. So many delicious foods, so little calories. Seriously, I really like aubergines, spinach and tangerines so seeing them here made me really happy. I get to eat them often now and for a good reason instead of just the taste.

  12. How did I not know about this list before? I am totally pinning this for future reference. Very good information. So much flavor on this chart at no extra calories!

  13. Not sure how these are zero-calorie foods… Quite a few of these are obviously 100 calories or more per serving. A peach or pineapple is certainly not zero-calorie. These may be healthy low-calorie foods, but I would hardly call many of them zero-calorie.

  14. e theory behind zero calorie or negative calorie foods is that they contain such a scant amount of calories that the energy you expend eating them cancels out their calories. Celery is a food that when you eat it you don’t really feel like you’re eating anything, so it’s not a total shocker to find out that it has essentially zero calories.Oranges are known for their Vitamin C, but they’re also low in calories compared to other fruits.Asparagus shows up as a side dish to many meals, and is a great choice because its fibrous nature means it will satisfy your hunger, but the number of calories makes it so it doesn’t add much to your daily total. ucumbers contain so much water in them it’s not surprising that they’re low in calories. That’s why cucumbers make a great adornment to most salads, especially when the salad is full of other low-cal veggies. You can eat until you feel full, while still keeping your total number of calories to a minimum. No matter which mushroom you choose to go with, the chances are it’s going to be low in calories. These fungi just don’t know how to be high in calories, so you don’t have to worry when using them in a recipe, or sauteing them as a side dish.

  15. “Zero-calorie” foods, like celery and cucumbers, contain fewer calories than the body uses to break them down. You can eat them in large quantities without busting your gut, and low-calorie doesn’t mean low nutrients.
    Don’t wait until cold season to fill up on oranges, tangerines, and grapefruit–they may help whittle your middle. People with higher vitamin C levels have lower waist-to-hip ratios than those whose bodies contain less of the antioxidant.
    elery delivers serious crunch for next to no calories—each medium stalk has about 6—but it’s not shy on nutrients. One cup has a third of your recommended daily intake of vitamin K, along with vitamin A, fiber, folate, and potassium.

  16. I am surprised to see so many fruits on this list. Fruits usually have a lot of sugar in them relative to vegetables. Either way, eating an apple for a snack is still a healthier alternative to a 100 calories bag of snacks. I regularly eat three foods on that list. Maybe I’ll try to incorporate one new zero calorie food item a week.

  17. I’d really like to see more information backing up these claims. Some of the listed foods, I was really surprised by. But, I really like your infographic. It was eye-catching and really drew me in. Thank you. I really liked this post.

  18. Oh wow, I really love this! I am so excited about this list. I could eat all of these as snacks throughout the day to curb food cravings. I love the fruits! And cucumbers are so healthy for you, add them to water and it’ll taste so fresh.

  19. This is a great list, not only because of the health benefits, but because many of these are my favorite foods. Cabbage has SO much flavor, despite looking like it wouldn’t it greatly improves any type of soup or stir fry.

    Actually, the same goes for zucchini. It’s a pretty simple vegetable, but when it’s prepared the right way, it’s amazing.

  20. Wow, I had no idea about most of these! I love and eat most of these already, but now I’ll probably eat more! They’re not only healthy, but they taste great too. This is a really useful list, I’m sure I’ll refer to it later on.

  21. I’m shocked that apples and peaches made the list. They have a lot of sugar in them, and although they are healthy natural sugars, they add calories. Either way, their packed full of nutrients and health benefits

  22. Lean deli meats you can find a lot that are 97% fat free by Oscar Mayer and similar bradns. Beans are also a good choice try the chili at Wendy’s! Really low fat and extremely filling. Broth-based soups are also good.

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