Six Best Superfoods for Weight Loss

In addition to preventing chronic diseases, building bones, and improving eyesight, superfoods also aid in bringing about weight loss. If you are wondering which are the best superfoods to take, here are six of the best:

Black beans

Research has shown that a cup of black beans contains 15 grams of proteins. The good side with the beans is that they don’t contain any saturated fats that are contained in other protein sources such as red meat.

For ideal results you should prepare using the right recipe. One of the best recipes to use is the Spiced black bean Hummus with Marinated peaches recipe.


In addition to being a great thanksgiving vegetable, it’s also a great weight loss superfood. Researchers have found that the vegetable contains a lot of fiber and just a small amount of calories. For example, it has been found that half a cup serving of pumpkin contains 8 grams of fiber and only 40 calories.

The good side with pumpkin is that it’s very easy to prepare. If you find it bitter you can sweeten it with xylitol and sprinkle small amounts of blood-sugar lowering cinnamon.


Just like pumpkins, oats are also very rich in fiber. Research studies have shown that a cup of oats packs only 4.6 grams of resistant starch. This starch can’t make you fat; however, it will play a major role in boosting your metabolism and burning fat.

There are many ways of cooking it; however, the best way is by using the Dark chocolate and oat clusters recipe.


They bring about weight loss in many ways. For example, they contain very few calories; therefore, there is no fat that is deposited in your body. They are also high in fiber and they have very low impact on the blood sugar.

While there are many types of berries, blue berries have been shown to be the best. In addition to having the above benefits they also contain pterostibene which is a compound that aids in lowering cholesterol levels in the body.

When eating them, it’s good that you take them frozen with almond milk. You should also sprinkle almond slivers on them.


It has been shown that without a doubt grapefruits plays a major role in bringing about weight loss. A number of studies were done on grapefruit juice, grapefruit capsules, and real grapefruit and it was found that while all aided in bringing about weight loss, the real fruit gave the best results.

This means that for you to lose the right amount of weight you need to take the real fruit. The fruit contains only 39 calories; therefore, you don’t have to worry of gaining weight. The fruit also contains cancer-fighting compounds such as lycopene and limmoids.


This is a lean source of protein and helps you in feeling full without adding fat in your body.


These are the best superfoods to take for you to lose weight. For ideal results you should ensure that you cook them properly in order to preserve the active ingredients.

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73 Replies to “Six Best Superfoods for Weight Loss”

  1. I really need to go look up that black bean hummus recipe now. I don’t usually like beans but I can eat them in hummus.

    I’ll have to try eating berries with almond milk and almond slivers too. I just recently switched over to almond milk. Usually I eat berries by themselves or in yogurt.

    This was a great article to read. Losing weight is so hard for me (having PCOS doesn’t help) so I need all the extra help I can get. I love finding new ways to work super foods into my diet.

  2. I’m glad you mentioned blueberries, they’re some of the best superfoods that exist! I find using frozen blueberries in place of ice-cubes in my glasses of water or iced tea is always nice.

    Also if you cook up some quinoa,mash some black beans and mix them together will a little bit of flour you can make delicious healthy vegetarian burger patties. Just add whatever seasonings you like 🙂

  3. I love the blueberries- do you know if there is any difference in using fresh blueberry or dried?

    i also eat many pumpkin seeds, they are called Pepita’s in the store, they are so good for you and you can eat them so many different ways. I like to add them to flax seed and sunflower seed and just eat them like that, you can stir this into yogurt or a salad if you like.

    there is something in grapefruit juice that helps the body burn off fats, the grapefruit diet has been around a long time, I prefer the pink grapefruit, it is not as sweet as the yellow but you can add just a touch of sugar. Great Article!

  4. I’m not a big fan of grapefruit or black beans but I’m going to try to work on including more from this list in my regular diet. Maybe there are things that can make black beans more palatable. I like the above suggestion to try them in hummus, which I also like. And maybe now that I’m in FL, it might be time to try a grapefruit that’s actually fresh and hasn’t traveled hundreds of miles.

  5. Apple Cider Vinegar has been working wonder for me!! I’ve dropped 10 pounds since I started taking a table spoon every morning.

    1. It helps for indigestion too! My husband takes it for that. I started getting heartburn and did the same. BOY does it ever work. ACV- try to use organic only. I love Braggs. I get it in the big jug, it lasts forever.

  6. Aside from pumpkin, I love all of these foods, which is great!
    I’ve never cared for anything pumpkin, not even pumpkin pie.
    As for the oats, I’d definitely recommend Nature Valley Oats ‘N Honey granola bars. They taste great and are very high in fiber and low in calories. They’re the perfect snack! You can find them practically anywhere, I’ve even seen them in gas stations.

  7. All of these sound fantastic, and now I want pumpkin. Haha

    I used to eat a TON of salmon when I was in shape. That was my main source of protein, along with beans and eggs. When life returns to normal and my job gives me hours again, I’m totally going to make more salmon!

  8. I’m glad you mentioned blueberries, they’re some of the best superfoods that exist! I find using frozen blueberries in place of ice-cubes in my glasses of water or iced tea is always nice.

  9. Yummm, I’m glad that I love all of these ingredients! I always keep a few cans of black beans around since they’re really easy to throw into other recipes: hummus, soup, salads, wraps… Blueberries are also super easy to add. I freeze them into ice cubes (and I see someone else mentioned that trick — it’s sooo good), and I also just freeze them alone as a snack.

  10. Interesting article. Most of the foods I knew about and try to incorporate into my diet, but pumpkin was a new one for me. I’ve never really tried making it, other than pumpkin pie. I’ll have to try and find some recipes, I bet it would make a good side dish. Thanks!

  11. I’ve never know pumpkin to be healthy and I’ve never really consumed berries but after seeing all the great properties they have I need to try them asap .I can’t stand oats

    1. We’re actually opposites, haha. I can’t really stand pumpkin. There’s just something in it that makes me sick, I don’t know. But I love oats. I eat oats twice a day! I guess different strokes for different folks.

  12. This blog post contains the essential ingredients to every healthy diet. Personally I like to eat oats with organic yogurt and blueberries along with 100g of salmon. The protein content works synergistically with the moderate carbohydrate content to give you energy right through to the afternoon. Blueberries have proven to be antioxidant rich in numerous reputable studies. Salmon is not only protein rich but also contains the omega-3 fatty essential to good health. This diet has enabled me to reach my peak spiritually, physically and mentally.

  13. This is a great list. I think apples also help in weight loss, although I’m not sure why. I’m not a huge fan of apples but I do notice when I add then to my diet they somehow help me lose weight. Maybe because they are replacing a higher calorie food I would otherwise eat and they are pretty filling.

  14. Thank you for sharing this list! I am very glad that I came across this blog. I have been put on a diet by my therapist and I admit that I am having a rough time incorporating it into my daily life. I absolutely love hummus so I am very excited to try the Black Bean recipe mentioned above. One of the things that I have been instructed to do is to substitute meat with beans as well as other foods that contain protein and I admit, that has been a struggle. But I didn’t even think to try hummus until I saw this blog! So, thank you again!

    By the way, for Thanksgiving last year I made Pumpkin Hummus! If anyone is interested in the recipe please feel free to contact me!

  15. Oats help you burn fat that is one thing I did not know before reading this article. Also I like that you incorporated dark chocolate in this recipe because dark chocolate is full antioxidants and also helps you lose weight. In addition adding blue berries in your diet does help you lose weight but is also helpful in aging people because it’s good for your brain!

  16. Great foods, but, even though it may not be considered a food another great thing for weightloss is water! It’s literally the only thing you can consume that will burn calories (cold water has to be warmed up, which burns a few calories). It may not be much, but it adds up on a hot summer day or just anyday. Drink a few glasses of cold water and you’ll get a few extra calories burned. These superfoods help too!

  17. These all are great, but another super “food” (not really a food) is the one and only – water! Cold water is the only thing you can consume that will actually burn calories. Your body burns a few calories heating up cold water, so drinking a few glasses can give you a little boost with eating these superfoods! It won’t hurt to drink a bit more cold water 🙂

  18. I’m so glad to read this article, it proves that I’ve made the right decisions in changing my diet completely. I’ve tried so hard to not eat processed food but instead to eat whole foods. I didn’t know that black beans were a super food, I’m going to have to add them into my diet. Anyone have some good recipes? I’ve never really eaten them much.

  19. This list is great! I will have to find ways to incorporate all into my diet.

    I didn’t realize that pumpkin had so much fiber. It’s never been a favorite veggie of mine, but I should start learning to like it.

    Also, spiced black bean hummus sounds so delicious! Thanks for the great article.

  20. Just my personal taste, but I have really never liked pumpkin or berries. I might need to change my mind though! I had no idea about pumpkin being such a good food for you. I will especially be eating more oats as well! Thanks for sharing the list!

  21. I will really be eating much more pumpkin and black beans from now on! I never knew that pumpkin was so good for you and weight loss. Thanks for sharing the list!

  22. Thank you so much for this list! Who knew? Guess my next shopping list will include these. Especially blueberries!

  23. I loved that you mentioned blueberries, oats, and black beans! I’ve had all three of those in the past 24 hours. I had oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast, and I had brownies made with black beans (instead of eggs and oil) for my afternoon snack. Now I’ll have to work on eating pumpkin year round, instead of once a year. Love the info!

  24. Hmmmmm out of the foods you have mentioned in that list I consume 4 of them on a regular basis, so I don’t think I’m doing too badly.

    I won’t eat fish because I’ve eaten it twice in the past and both times I almost choked on a fish bone (both dishes were meant to be boneless) so that has put me off trying it for a third time just in case the old saying of “third time lucky” turns out to be true!

    I kill two birds with one stone by having oats in the morning and mixing berries with it, I try different ones each day so things do not get too boring, blueberries and raspberries are my two favourites.

  25. This information is amazing. A lot of people have no idea where to begin when it comes with weight loss and nutrition. This list can help anyone looking for a start.

  26. Interesting list, very informative. I’ve never even eaten black beans but now I’m intrigued. Hummus sounds like an easy recipe to start off with too so thanks for that suggestion. Would love to hear of any other ways to use black beans if anyone has any other suggestions? Thanks!

  27. Plant foods are really the way to go when looking for weight loss and overall good health! I like using black beans for tacos and burritos or rice and beans. So good! My favorite bean for sure 🙂

  28. I’m so happy to see pumpkin on the list. I LOVE pumpkin, although I don’t eat it very often. Roasted pumpkin, edges just starting to brown and caramelize, sprinkled with a bit of salt is delicious. I’ll have to start eating it more often. Also glad to see berries on there. I frequently eat berries with a splash of cream or milk and chopped nuts – whatever happens to be in my cabinet at the time.

  29. I wish I found this list when I just started working out. Black beans are wonderful things, I even eat them as a snack. Oats are great to put into mixer with some berries and milk. That turns into a great coctail with lots of vitamins, protein and the taste is awesome! Salmon is one of the greatest and most nutritious protein sources out there, of course it’s not that cheap. But if you have extra bucks, instead of buying random snacks, buy salmon, that will really benefit you!

  30. Thanks for the good information! I am a vegetarian who is trying to lose a large amount of weight. I can definitely use several of these foods to help in this process. I especially love to make a frozen berry smoothie using almond milk. I’m trying to incorporate more oats in my diet. I really dislike grapefruit, but maybe I could take some capsules and get at least a little benefit from it.

  31. I’m sad chia seeds and turmeric didn’t make it to the top six… they are my favorite! I have a turmeric tea powder mixed with other herbs and a little bit of brown sugar and I find that it tastes awesome when I combine it with a little bit of coconut oil, apple cider vinegar and the all important chia seed. I use it as a sauce and it makes everything taste better! At least for me. Anyway the anti inflammatory benefits of turmeric and the good fat and fiber in chia seeds are something that everyone should know.

  32. All but one of these are all my favorites. I grew up eating blackberries from my neighbors tree. They are so tasty and satisfying too. I just learned here that oatmeal burns fat. I just love the taste. Black beans is a surprise too, because they are so filling and good. It is great to know I can enjoy these foods and not worry about gaining weight.

  33. Very informative article. Beans are a great source of fiber as well! I would warn against buying certain canned beans as they are high in sodium.

    Salmon is one of the best foods for the body and easy to make! I’m always looking for new Salmon recipes. Can you come up with a meal that incorporates all of these? 🙂

  34. It really is amazing how some of the best tasting foods (grapefruit, berries, salmon) is actually some of the best food we can eat. It’s almost like nature it trying to tell us something.

  35. I would not have thought of pumpkin as a superfood. That is great, though, because I love to roast a pumpkin in the oven with a whole chicken for a big Sunday dinner. Also, very glad to see oats on the list. That is one of those foods that have so many possibilities in the kitchen. They make the perfect complement for some unsalted nuts as a high fiber and protein snack.

  36. I’ve only had pumpkin in pie form. It does taste super! Jokes aside, I will have to try it as a side dish. I’ve always shied away from eating too many fruits because of the fructose. So I’m surprised to see so many on the list. I noticed that those listed have fewer calories than other types of fruit.

  37. I don’t like black beans very much but after reading this I might give them a try. I do love berries of all kinds so it thrilled me to learn they are so good for me.

  38. Wow, I did not know pumpkin was a superfood. I’m already eating all the other ones, like berries, beans, and oats. Great article though. I learned a lot. I’ll definitely head over to the supermarket and pick up some pumpkin as soon as possible.

  39. I wonder why no one has mentioned ginger? It’s proven to have a big impact on your health, for example it helps you to regulate your blood pressure, improves your immune system, and even makes you loose weight. You should try it – prepare yourself a ginger tea with cinnamon.

  40. I’ve been eating salmon and all types of berries almost daily for about 1 month now and I can definitely feel the difference. I’m pretty busy so most weeks I fit in going to the gym maybe once or twice. I’m already losing weight and the people around me can tell. I completely recommend this for anyone who’s interested in trying because they truly are superfoods!

  41. I am fond of eating black beans but I dont know that it help burning body fats. Berries are also my favourite and it is rich in fiber. I dont know about the pumpkin. I dont like its taste but now I want to try it soon. Your article is great and I really gonna follow these diets.

  42. I am fond of eating black beans but I dont know that it help reducing body fats. Berries are my favourite and rich in fiber. Now I take them frequently. I dont like pumpkin but now I came to know that its a superfood I ll definitely give it a try. All these superfood are essential for a healthy life. Your article is wonderful.

  43. There was great information in this article. I plan on trying some of the ideas in the article. Good read!!!

  44. it really was great to read this article, one more thing i would like to add is, you cant reduce your weight until you work out you need work out and proper diet plan both.

  45. I am so happy you mentioned berries because its one of my favorite foods ever and gives me a lot of hope when it comes to weight loss, that not all food for weight loss are gross or don’t have a lot of taste.

  46. I have seen so many post about super foods but this sis the first time that I decided to read an article. I never black beans were that healthy but the hummus recipe sounds great. I do not really like salmon but I am willing to try it again. I only tasted pumpkin once but it was good so I will try it in a recipe. I also love berries and most fruit but no so much grapefruit. That’s the only one that I doubt I would try again.

  47. This is a great article. I heard of how good black beans, berries grapefruit, and salmon are but not pumpkin. I would love to try the hummus recipe but I do not like grapefruit.

  48. I am so happy to see that black beans made it to the list! And, I’m even more thrilled that black bean hummus is suggested. I love chick pea hummus but that will cause a person to gain if they eat a large portion daily (like I used to!). Grapefruit? That’s a no-brainer. Do you think grapefruit essential oil would work the same or is there a big difference between the fleshy part of the fruit and the peel?

  49. I never thought these foods would help me lose weight. I have been struggling for months now as to cutting off some pounds off my weight. Although I have been doing a lot of physical execises, I think it was not enougj. Now I have to add this to my routine. Glad that these foods are readily available. Thanks for the information. Sure thing will go to the market later. 😉

  50. Wow, I didn’t know that! I knew that oats were good for you, but I didn’t know how much beneficial they were! I recently started my weight loss journey, I work out everyday, but I haven’t really been able to fix my diet because I’m super lazy, but I’ll make sure to remember these foods next time I make a meal!

  51. I never knew salmon could help in weight loss! I always though that it was fattening since it was so good so I only ate it if there was a special occasion. I guess I’m eating a lot of salmon now! I’m so happy pumpkin is on the list as well. Pumpkin is one of my most favorite vegetables and knowing it can help my road to weight loss makes me super happy!

  52. I am super pumped about everything on this list!!! The one thing I’m bummed about is the salmon, since I am allergic. So sad, right? There are so many healthy (and tasty) meals that use it. And it’s a great source of Omega-3’s which is important for those with anxiety or depression. Anyone could benefit from O3’s pretty much 🙂 I also love black beans, always put them in my Chipotle burrito! Haha.

    1. That funny because while reading the black beans section I could only think about Chipotle!

  53. I love reading about foods I already eat! All of these are apart of my diet and I love reading all the positive effects of eating them. The only thing is I’ve never had grapefruit, but this article has convinced me to try it. My favorite one is pumpkin because it can be used for many different things and it tastes so good. Black beans are also a family favorite and I’m glad to hear they are very healthy. Very helpful for the next grocery trip!

  54. I’m so glad I found this article! I’m a huge fan of eating super foods and I’ve never seen a few of these options, such as the pumpkin. I had no idea that one of my favorite foods were so healthy! I knew about the berries but it’s still nice to be reminded of how healthy they are. Thanks for posting this article, it’s very informative.

  55. One of my favorite superfoods is kale. It’s great toasted in the oven to make kale chips or even just blanched for a minute with a little salt.

    I don’t know whether it promotes weight-loss, but it is loaded with fiber and vitamins.

    Of the superfoods listed, I think pumpkin seeds are my favorite. I could eat them all day long.

  56. Being vegetarian means that many of my food options are limited, so I can’t have salmon. I always knew that oats and blueberries were superfoods, but I had no idea about pumpkin, grapefruit and black beans! I really should definitely look up that black bean hummus recipe, it sounds delicious!

  57. I’m not a big fan of pumpkin flesh, do pumpkin seeds have similar health benefits?

    I love that black beans made the list, too. They’re one of my go to foods and I love to substitute them for meat. I enjoy then in soups, tacos and burritos, I have even subbed them for red beans in my chili. I also like to eat them seasoned over rice.

  58. A lot of people don’t like the pumpkin, but if you throw some canned pumpkin into a smoothie with the right ingredients it can be tasty like the pumpkin flavored treats you get around the fall! And there’s recipes for overnight oats that you can get two of these super foods in one meal! No cooking required, which are great for school and work days!
    I can’t get around the grapefruit though. Way too bitter for me, even with loads of sugar.

  59. I love berries! Is there a limits to how much berries you can eat? When is it too much?
    I personally like oat as well. Add a little bit of 100% honey and throw in some berries…hmmmm… it is to die for! I have also read that the best type of yogurt to eat with berries is low fat Greek yogurt. For those that don’t like Greek yogurt I would get yoplait yogurt but in wipe form. Those are absolutely delicious and healthy for you! 🙂

  60. I am going to take a look at some black bean recipes! It is great to see that these super foods, are all foods I love to eat.I eat all of them at some point in time during the week aside from pumpkin. I will have to look up some healthy pumpkin recipes as well!

  61. I was happy to read about the health benefits of eating black beans over meat. I just came from the grocery store where I got sticker shock in the meat department!! I think I will be substituting beans a few nights a week to keep my grocery budget in check and hopefully, I’ll lose some weight as a bonus.

  62. I swear by oats – I eat oatmeal for breakfast almost everyday, and have recently started making oatmeal bars (as opposed to granola) to curb my snack cravings. It’s so filling, and I love how it keeps me full and satisfied until lunch despite my early breakfast schedule. Salmon’s great, too. I usually just eat canned, which I know isn’t as good as cooking it yourself, but time constraints have pushed me to this point. Still, canned salmon is, like you said, a great source of protein and omega-3’s.

  63. I love to combine a lot of these together. Every morning for breakfast I eat oatmeal and add in berries. I swear by that breakfast. It keeps me full and fueled for the majority of my day. I lost 5 pounds in two weeks just from changing my breakfast.

  64. I have always wondered what foods you can eat to lose weight. I had no idea that you could eat oats, and that the starch in oats can’t make you fat. I always assumed that any type of food can create fat in your body.

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