Take Advantage of Aerobics – Read These 5 Tips

Gadgets were invented to help us ease our work, but today they have taken over our lives and have made us humans lazy and lethargic. With the shadow of lifestyle diseases and its dire consequences looming large on our heads, health consciousness is gaining pace again. Among the most prominent exercises, Aerobics are most popular among the masses.

Aerobic exercises are those exercises where the consumption of oxygen is more and involves the movement of the large muscles of the body. Jogging, brisk walking, cycling, swimming and aerobic dancing are all examples of the aerobic exercises.

In short, aerobic exercises make one breathe more deeply and rapidly to get extra oxygen into the lungs. This in turn results in the heart beating faster to carry oxygenated blood from the lungs to the muscles. The faster the heart beats and the more one breathes, the vigorous the exercise.

These tips will tell you about the wonders of aerobic exercises:

Advantage of Aerobics

1. Increases endurance and stamina and eliminates stress

Work and busy lifestyles have added to the load of stress in our lives. One of the best and the most efficient ways to tackle stress is by exercising. Aerobics activates the endorphins which release out stress and give a sense of well-being. Aerobic exercises are equally responsible for increasing the endurance and stamina. All these add to the over-all well being of a person and his health.

2. Increases immunity and bone power

Infections have become a part and parcel of our lives. While many reasons can be attributed to this, the foremost reason is that the bacteria and viruses have evolved and can easily attack. On the other hand our immune systems have weakened owing to a not so healthy lifestyle. One effective way to battle infections is to have a strong immune system that can defend the body. Aerobic exercises ensure a healthy and a strong immune system. It also keeps the bones and joints strong.

3. Controls obesity

Obesity has emerged as a topmost lifestyle condition. Everyone from children to adults is equally affected. The aftermath of obesity can be severe. Aerobic exercises help in burning calories and hence accelerating weight loss. Regular exercising decreases appetite and hence acting as a natural appetite suppressant.

4. Keeps heart diseases at bay

A lethargic lazy lifestyle leads to a number of lifestyle diseases. The most prominent among these are the cardiac diseases which can be fatal. Aerobic exercises do not just keep the heart healthy and young but also help in keeping diseases related to the heart at bay. The Coronary disease is known to be a leading killer around the world.

5. Keeps Bad cholesterol and blood pressure problems away

Hypertension and hypotension are a major health issue. Any of these in excess can be fatal to the person. A balanced diet accompanied with regular exercises can keep these in check and control. Aerobic exercises also help keep bad cholesterol at bay and hence raise the levels of good cholesterol that is mandatory for the body functions.

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3 Replies to “Take Advantage of Aerobics – Read These 5 Tips”

  1. I didn’t realize that aerobic exercises could have such an impact on so many different things. I feel better when I participate, and now there are even more reasons for me to stick with it.

  2. I loved doing aerobics in college. My interest waned once I started working, but returned in my 30s. By then, it was and still is hard to find aerobics classes anymore. So I often do my own at home. I find that I have more energy and a positive attitude when I start my day off doing at least a 15-minute routine. Looking back, I realize now stressful days seem less so on days I did some aerobics.

  3. Aerobics are my favorite way to work out. I love dancing and music and aerobics combines these into a motivating, fun workout. I prefer step aerobics to floor, and have found that DVDs are the best approach for me, since there aren’t any good studios or gyms nearby. I have a library of about 50 step aerobic workouts, so I never get bored and get vary my workouts depending on how “intense” I want to be. If you’re looking for good videos, check out collagevideo.com. They have previews of each workout and a great selection.

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