Top 10 Popular Diets for Fitness

If you are looking for fitness diets, here are 10 of the most popular diets that you can go for.

1. Atkins

This is probably one of the most famous diets for those who want to lose weight. The diet contains a number of ingredients that work together to bring about weight loss. Although, it’s effective in bringing about weight loss, it has been shown to be effective over a short time.

2. Slim-Fast

Most of the people using this diet have been shown to have the ability of losing one or two pounds in a week. Unlike the Atkins diet which is effective over a short period of time, this diet works for both the short and long term. This means once you lose weight, you easily keep it off.

3. Vegan Diet

It requires you to eat as many vegetables as possible. According to many people who have taken it, the diet helps you to easily lose weight and keep it off. The main flaw with it is that you need to be very committed to the diet for you to have ideal results.

Vegan Diet

4. Biggest Loser Diet

This one is built around regular exercise and healthy food. It works very effectively in bringing about weight loss over the short-term and works moderately over the long-term.

5. Flexitarian Diet

This one requires that you consume plenty of plant-based foods such as fruits, whole grains, and vegetables. By consuming these foods you consume fewer calories and as a result you easily lower your weight.

6. 8 Hour Diet

Unlike other diets that limit you on the type of food that you can eat, this diet allows you to eat any food that you want. Here you should eat all the food that you want within a period of eight hours so that you are fasting for 16 hours.

Although, you can eat any food that you want, you are discouraged from eating refined carbs such as pasta, white bread and sugar.

7. Porridge on Tuesday Diet

This is ideal for those with busy schedules. The diet focuses on your eating habits and daily schedule. The good side is that you can customize the diet to fit the food that you eat and your lifestyle.

8. Sweet Poison Diet

Created by David Gillespie, this is ideal for those with a sweet tooth. It teaches you how to ban sugar from the food that you eat. Although, it helps you to easily get rid of sugar in your diet, it’s not ideal for everyone.

Before you take the diet you should consult your doctor who will perform a number of tests on you. After performing the tests he will tell you whether you should go ahead and take the diet or not.

9. TLC Diet

Although the therapeutic lifestyle changes (TLC) is not designed for weight loss, it can help you lose weight if you take it properly. The good side with it is that you don’t have to shun carbs or meat.

10. Change Your Brain Diet

Created by Dr Amen, this diet focuses on your brain where you are supposed to tell your brain that you need to lose weight. Here you only need to stop some of the habits that make you eat unhealthy foods.

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  1. I’ve been on the Vegan diet for almost a year now and have had good results. I agree that for it to be successful you have to be very committed to the diet.

    The main difficulty that I’ve had is making sure to get plenty of protein in my diet without eating meat. I eat a lot of whole grains, tofu, Lentils, and nuts along with drinking soy milk.

    Thanks for an interesting post. I’m curious to hear what success others have had with their diet of choice.

    1. Vegan sounds like the way to go, but I think I might miss having chicken breast and salmon every now and then since they’re my favorite two meats. It’s definitely true that our ancestors at a lot more plants than we do today. All of the processed foods can’t be good for our bodies.

  2. I have done the Atkins and Slim-Fast. I had the most success with the Atkins but that is because I had a better attitude about that diet. The best diet I have ever been on is the one I made by myself! I just changed my eating habits, my attitude and my exercise. It’s all about what you do. FitnessB pretty much tells you about in their articles on this site and that is what I have done. It is an emotional process.

  3. Wow, i’m only a bit familiar with the first five mentioned. The last five is refreshing to know. They’re quite very interesting especially 6, 7, and 8.

  4. I have tried Atkins and it worked, but I wasn’t consistent. Some of these diets are new to me but I’m excited to try numbers 4,5,6 and 7. I need to find the right diet that can be consistent with. I hope one of these give me a 10lb loss.

  5. I’ve tried Atkins, but I didn’t feel as if I was getting the most out of the program. I’ve been on Weightwatchers for two years now, and it has been the only program which has helped me to lost weight and keep it off.

  6. I am happy I read this post because I haven’t heard of most of these diets listed, I have only tried the slim fast diet, which although it was delicious, did not give me many results. My mom is a personal fitness trainer now and has put me on all new diet plan that gets results in two weeks max. The diet is a no carb diet, you don’t eat any carbs except for once a week. Eat lots of vegetables, protein, and fruit. The best way I do this is by protein shakes as meal replacements and sometimes even as a snack. Then pick a day each week to have carbs, don’t pig out though. Make sure it is good appropriate portions.

  7. There are many diets that can be effectively utilized to slim down and become healthier in your life. I’m aware of a few of these but some enlightened me today. Personally, I think the vegan diet is the best way to go if you want to maintain your consumption of nutrients but eliminate many foods that would put on more weight or stop the weight losing process from happening.

  8. I have been dieting for such a long time. A vegan diet is definitely a hard one to keep up with. I would love to go vegan, not just because of all of the health benefits, but also the animals of course. I have no willpower though. The most important ingredient in a diet is not sticking to it 100% of the time. It is realizing that just because you slipped up does not mean that you are a failure. Realize why you messed up and fix it. Do better next time. All of these diets may work, but if you do not stick with them it will quickly become useless.

  9. I’m surprised this article didn’t include the ketogenic or paleo diet. They seem to have a lot of scientific backing, and promotes a dietary schedule that, aside from limiting your carbohydrate intake, allows you full freedom in what you eat, assuming you stay under your calorie goal. I feel like this would be definitely more balanced and easier than a vegan diet. Sorry, but I love my eggs 🙂

  10. Very helpful information. Eating correctly has always been the hardest part about becoming fit for me. I think this is going to help me stay on track so I can build as much muscle as possible!

  11. I actually have some firsthand input about the 8 hour diet.
    I tried it fresh out of high school after I put on some extra weight from not playing highschool sports anymore.
    Eating for only 8 hours a day is DEFINITELY doable. But you still need to watch what you eat, as it’s entirely possible to hit your daily calorie allotment in 8 hours if you arent careful. Also, another tip that’ll help it work for you is that in the other 16 hours you need to be drinking alot of liquids. This helps you feel less hungry so the 8 hours you’re awake and not eating is less of a struggle.

  12. I’m amazed at the number of diets out there. I’m only familiar with about three on this list; of those two I have tried — the vegan and brain diets. I’ve had good results — mentally, emotionally and physically. I gained a new appreciation for vegan foods. The mental diet was the only one in which I lost weight however, and that’s because I changed my habits.

  13. The best luck I’ve had recently came from the Atkin diet. So when I lost the weight I wanted to, I basically try to just eat a balanced diet sticking to portion control. I go back to the 14 day kick-start when I start to feel the pounds trying to creep back on and so far have had good luck. Seems like I’ve always needed reminders about drinking enough water no matter which diet I try.

  14. I’ve tried Atkins, Slim Fast, the 8 hour diet, and briefly a vegan diet. I felt awful on the vegan diet so I think I was missing some essential nutrition; I probably should have done more research before starting. Slim Fast with actual slim fast was effective but I was always hungry. Atkins worked but I was quickly bored with the easy options and I’m not much of a cook. 8 hour diet worked well for me for a while but again, hard to stick to. I really think any or all of the diets is probably fine. I’m the problem. I need an attitude change about food.

  15. I find that drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning does fabulous things to your body, especially while you’re on a diet. It gives your metabolism a kick in the early morning, which is a good thing. It is also great for your skin. Win-win situation if you ask me 🙂

    1. I’ve found that drinking water is a great approach to any diet. There are so many health benefits. Plus, it helps to minimize hunger. Also, if you’re eating out of boredom, drinking fulfills the need to eat, without adding any extra calories. As you said, a definite win-win.

  16. Thanks for the information, there are several diets listed that I’ve never heard of before and I’ll have to check them out. I’ve found the key to any diet is to keep a journal. When you write down everything that you eat, even if it’s just a “taste” of something, you’re more accountable and knowing that you have to write it down discourages snacking.

  17. I DON’T SEE A KETO DIET!!!! From personal experience I can recommend the keto diet, it’s low carb high protein and fat. You eat less bread, pasta, grains but more butter, oil and stuff like that. With the fat you easily fill up and have great foods *cough* bacon *cough* so you never really feel like you’re on a diet. Later on your body adjusts to no carbs and starts using fat as a energy resource and fat just melts away. I lost almost 20kg (~FOURTY lbs.) sitting on my ass most of the time during last summer… It’s such a great diet to shed some pounds, definetly recommend it!

  18. Hmm, I’m not too sure about the Sweet Poison diet I’ve found it hard to give up sugary treats so focusing on them is a recipe for disaster. I do think the Biggest Loser Diet is the most practical for the long term; exercise and diet I can live with, especially for the long term.

  19. I have never tried any of the diets listed but I believe that they all work for many people and that anyone who wants to lose weight and eat healthy would do well to try one of them. The key is to follow the instructions given in these diets to a “T”. Do some research before you decide on which one may suit you in the long term, then commit.

  20. I have been on the flexitarian diet for a while now (though I did not know it had a name). I eat much more often than when I was going heavy on the meats, but do not get the tired feeling that comes with filling up on tough to break down proteins. I was not overweight but it helped me to increase my energy and overall feel better.

  21. I’ve never tried any of those diets specifically, but I did loose 52 lbs on weight watchers about ten years ago. I kept a good part of that off for years because of the healthy eating habits I learned. Of course life and three kids later makes it harder to eat right and exercise. I recently started training to run my first marathon. I’ve lost 15 lbs in 3 months simply by running and being mindful of how much pasta and sugar I eat.

  22. I consider myself a flexitarian. I haven’t been able to give up meat completely yet, but I try to add vegetables and eat a couple meals a week that do not contain meat. I have not tried any of the other diets.

  23. I have tried some of these diet methods and some of them have really worked for a long time. I personally think that maintaining a good and healthy mind will surely help you through your diet by resisting certain foods and maintaining the routine to survive the day. Emotions do affect the way you act when it comes to food and your diet, therefore, I have found that a lot of these diets are really good but it also helps a lot to focus on my mind and then comes my diet.

  24. Thank you for this article. Some of those diets, I’d never even heard of. I’m a vegetarian, working on getting rid of cheese and eggs. I’d like to be vegan for the health benefits.

  25. It seems to me that these are mostly really complicated ways to trick yourself into eating fewer calories. I mean, more power to people if they are tricks that get the job done. But it seems simpler to just follow calorie restriction if your real goal is really just to lose weight.

  26. Why didn’t they include a Ketogenic Diet? Although I personally think this shouldn’t even be considered a diet since it implies a temporary plan or way of eating, I think it should be a lifestyle! Aside from weight loss, the benefit it has on your brain and overall health are tremendous. Sometimes it can be tricky tho because to little or no carbs at all can lower your testosterone and mess up your hormones if done incorrectly…

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