Top 10 Unwritten Gym Rules

If you are new in the gym world, here are 10 of the unwritten gym rules:

Never Drop the Weights

There is no reason as to why you should drop weights. If you are unable to lift a load, it means that you are using too much weight and you should use a smaller weight. Dumbbells are expensive to replace; therefore, you should always put them down gently.

Always Put your Weights Back

You always put your plates back in place when you are through with your food, right? Well, you also need to put the weights back in their right place once you are through with your set. Remember that ten-pound plates go with ten-pound plates, 25’s go with 25’s and so on.

Gym pound plates

Step Away from the Rack

Once you grab your equipment you should move away from the rack to allow other people to get what they want. As rule of thumb you should never lift weights near the rack. If your bench is too close to the rack, you should pull it back.

No Cell Phones

You should not distract other people with your cellphone. If you don’t have an emergency, you should switch off you phone. If you have to receive a call, get outside and pick the call there.

No Reservations

Gym benches are not like hotel seats where placing a handbag or coat amounts to a reservation. You should never leave your towel or a bottle of water on a bench, go out for a chat, and expect to find the bench unoccupied.

Watch Your Hygiene

Although, it’s normal to sweat in the gym, you should not spoil everyone’s day with your body odor. If you sweat in your workout clothes, always clean them before wearing them again. If you sweat a lot before getting to the club, take a quick shower before you start lifting weights.

Leave Nude Home

It’s common for people to stay nude in their home bathrooms, but you should not do so in a gym bathroom. This is because that is a public bathroom. If you have no clothes on, always use your towel to cover yourself.

Clean your Locker for Another Person

Once you are through with your exercises, you should always clean your locker. This is particularly important during winter when you tend to have plenty of wet clothes and dirty shoes. Once you are through with your training, always wipe out the dirt and water. You would also like to find a clean locker, right?

Wait till the Set is Complete

It’s distracting when someone walks in front or behind you when you are lifting weights; therefore, you should avoid doing so to someone else. If you want to walk, wait for him/her to complete his/her set and then go on with your activities.

Always Share

If the gym is too packed and there are no enough equipment, share with others. This will call for you to do few sets or stay in the gym longer—but it’s worth it as you are all on a common course.

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This article was written by Mamata

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0 thoughts on “Top 10 Unwritten Gym Rules”

  1. Though unwritten this one should be printed in bold letters and hanged in Gym lockers. 🙂 Some people just don’t have the courtesy to do things that will both benefit him/her and other people. Also, I think another one should be, Don’t talk too much, or chat around in the gym too long, because of the people their just want to exercise and have their “me” time.

  2. Gyms can often be intimidating for people to work out in, especially if a person is new to exercise and fitness. This is a great list of gym rules so anyone can walk into the gym confident. Being confident and comfortable in your environment will make you work out harder, as you won’t be worried about doing things right or getting in someone’s way.

  3. I think you missed one very important gym rule- that is always wipe down your machine or seat after your workout set. Most gyms make sanitary wipes available for this task.

    Not only does this clean off germs but it extends the life of the equipment. If you think about it would you want to sit in some other persons sweat? That is such a huge mistake not to mention just unsanitary. End of set wipe your area down!

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