What is Melatonin and How It Helping Us to Sleep?

We all hate the feeling of laying in bed and having trouble sleeping again and again. The frustration increases when you know minutes and hours are going and you are still asleep. In situations like this, we tend to ask professionals for options to better manage to sleep. We also ask other people about the products they are using, the natural remedies, or their “working plan”.

Sleep is one of the most important elements for a healthy life and as so needs proper care. One of the remedies people use for a better sleeping experience lately is CBD. CBD products such as CBD oil are helping a lot of people for numerous health issues. We also know about melatonin, but a question that everybody is making is: “Can you take or mix CBD oil with melatonin?”. If you need a short answer immediately, the answer is yes, but is not that simple.

What exactly is melatonin?

As we know, our existence relies on natural remedies like plants or plant extracts. We use them as a remedy for numerous diseases, including the one we are focusing on in this article, sleep disorders. Plants possess phytochemicals or plant-based chemicals that are capable of interacting with the body cells with the mission to provide solutions to health conditions. The nature of phytochemicals is like that because most of these items are there to shield the plant and protect it from negative activities of pests and diseases. Phytochemicals can act in synergy or alone to show a therapeutic role for the well being of our body.

Melatonin is the hormone responsible for managing our sleep cycle, our natural sleep-wake cycle. These hormones are at higher levels in the blood during the night, that is why we sleep at night. But what is the role of melatonin exactly and how does it help us sleep? Below we will explain just that.

What is the role of melatonin in helping us sleep?

The fact that melatonin is at higher levels at night makes researchers believe that supplements containing this hormone are beneficial. Melatonin can serve an important role in sleep disorders because it can provide relief from insomnia and delayed sleep phases. Other sleep medications that produce side effects, melatonin produces little to no side effects at all. Melatonin is safer for short term use and it is not addictive. Supplements of melatonin are available in many forms with the pill form being the most common. Melatonin pills can be administered by simply swallowing the pill with the aim of a direct absorption into the bloodstream, the same as CBD.

This hormone plays an important role in regulating our sleep cycle. The logic is that the production of this hormone comes from the darkness which signals us to get ready for sleep. On the other hand, the presence of light reduces melatonin and allows us to be awake throughout the day. When we have low levels of melatonin means that we are linked to sleep disorders and we need balancing supplements.

What is the best way to mix CBD oil and melatonin?

Now, the important part, the mixing of CBD oil and melatonin. We have heard a lot of positive things about CBD and one of them is that it helps with sleep. We also know that melatonin does that also, but can we mix them? Yes, we can, but we can only mix them in a specific way for better results. There are patent-pending products that revolve around the mixture of CBD and melatonin. So the issue was never whether you can mix it or nor, but to find the most effective way. So, if you swallow some CBD and then some melatonin, the effects are not supposed to be very delightful. We cannot know the perfect mixing but for more information, you can ask the companies that sell melatonin-CBD mixtures.

In conclusion, it is important to note that while melatonin plays a massive role in the sleep-wake cycle, it does not put us to sleep. Rather, it alerts the brain of the need to fall asleep, while CBD directs our brain to the right neurotransmitters. If done properly, the mixing between melatonin and CBD oil can result in a very effective sleeping experience.

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