Early Morning Tips to Maintain a Yoga Practice on Holiday

We all love going on holiday but it is so important to maintain healthy habits in order to look after your health and well being. How easy is it to let it all go??

Here are some holiday tips to keep you fit and healthy for the summer months:

Leave lemons infusing in water over night and make sure that this is the first thing you drink in the morning. If you can stomach a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar…even better. This will keep your system cleansed and neutralized after a few summer beers and BBQs. Stiffness manifest in an acidic body…unfortunately, we love to ingest the things that make us acidic (namely beer and other adult beverages.)

Go for an early morning run. You don’t have to run a marathon but a 20-minute jog will get your blood pumping and energy flowing. Generating heat and sweat is a great way to rid your body of toxins. Don’t feel you have to run the whole distance. Running with intermittent speed walking will do the job. Stretching afterwards will really help to maintain your mobility.

Complete a short Yoga Routine. Move your body, stretch out and back bend. If you don’t want to dedicate heaps of holiday time to a yoga practice, it is still really important to maintain your strength and flexibility. Consider the position in which we sleep, take some time to lay over a bolster or pillow to open the front chain of your body. Check in with your core and maybe hold a few forearm planks. Don’t commit to a 2-hr practice, 20 minutes makes a huge difference.

Meditate a little each morning. Find 10 minutes to internalize and appreciate the time that you have for yourself on holiday. Maybe take some time to write down your thoughts and what there is to appreciate whilst on holiday. Use some time for reflection and maybe set an intention to relax and restore. You are on holiday, after all.

The list is endless but let’s summarize: do something to neutralist your system, move your body and take time for reflection. But, above all else, have a great time!!!

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