Why Do You Use the Exercise Bands and What Are Their Advantages?

The resistance bands or the Exercise Bands are useful for doing the exercises especially for the people who do have time to go to the gym and still want to stay fit. Those who practice training session in the gyms regularly, or those who do some cardio exercise regularly need to take some assistance from the professional trainers.

However, it is very complicated to hires some trainer for your freehand cardio exercise and as result, you cannot achieve your target, and you can be injured due to some uneven movement during your session. Now you can use the exercise bands and you can easily regulate your exercise session and identify the faults during your exercise.

Along with that, you can also identify your calorie level, heartbeat, pulse rate and exercise routine when you wear these exercise bands.

Exercise Bands

What are the advantages of exercise bands?

So if you are really planning to start your workout today, go for the Exercise Bands, which are not only purposeful but quite simple to use. You will be able to perform a variety of workouts thus focusing on every part of your body and staying fit.

Front squat

If you wish to try any lower body exercise then the front squat is the easiest of all. You just need to hold the resistance bands with your feet keeping them apart and then stretch them upwards with your hands. Perform this exercise for strong lower body Make sure your body is straight and the posture is right or else you may harm your body. Doing around 8-10 sittings can be a good option to stay fit.

Band walk

Another easy exercise that you can try is the band walk. In this, you have to hold the band between your two legs and keep the hands on the waist. Now stretch the legs apart using these bands. Move on both the sizes, that is the left and the right. You can experience muscle tensions, and you will have to exert pressure to move. Around 8-10 sittings will be enough for the first day and later on you can increase once you are used to it.

Bent over row

If you are looking for the back exercises then bent over row is a good one. In this exercise put the resistance band on your feet, bend in front and now try to stretch the bands upward. Stretch them in your direction such that you reach to the 90-degree angle. Repeat this step one after the other for a few minutes. Rest and then start again. You must always avoid over exercise with this band and always follow the instructions showing on your exercise bands.


You can even do regular push-ups using the Exercise Bands thus bringing your entire body in motion. Just as you do the normal push-ups, similarly, you have to do them using the resistance bands. The only difference is that the bands are tied around your back so that you can stretch as much as you can and do push-ups. Using the resistance bands, you can take this exercise to the next level.

Chest Press

This is yet another exercise that you can do with the resistance bands. In this case, you need to hold the resistance bands in your hand and stretch them from your back with the help of the chest. The main motive is to improve your shoulder and chest strength.

Therefore, you can say that one can do multiple exercises using the Exercise Bands, which will definitely result in complete fitness. Do try these exercises at home for the best experience.

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