6 Reasons Why You Must Wear a Mouth Guard

If you are in a dangerous sport, wearing a mouth guard is not just common sense but it’s a necessity. Mouth is protected by 32 teeth, but when you are involved in combat sports such as boxing and MMA, a powerful punch or knee on the mouth can do a lot more damage than destroying your teeth.

It can fracture your mouth, displace your teeth or knock a tooth out, cause soft tissue injuries, cause a concussion or fracture your jaw. Wearing a mouth guard can not only save you from all these problems, but it can also save your life.

mouth guard

1. Tooth Fractures

If you break your tooth, it is a very painful experience. Not only it can affect your smile, but replacing your tooth can be a very expensive experience.

2. Tooth Displacement

If you get lucky with an opponent’s punch and don’t break your tooth, there is a chance it will be displaced and fall later.

3. Knocking out a Tooth

Wearing a mouth guard can save you from the trauma of permanently losing your teeth and leaving a wide hole in your mouth. Once your teeth are exposed like this, things can go from bad to worse.

4. Soft Tissue Injuries

Even if you are saved from knocking out your teeth, you can still suffer from soft tissue injuries to your lips. For which you might need fewer stitches to repair the harm. Mouth guard can also protect your tongue and cheeks.

5. Concussions

Even though, there are no confirmed reports that will shows wearing a mouth guard can protect you from concussions. But there is a general consensus among fighters that they do help avoid a concussion.

6. Jaw Fractures

The human mouth is made up of five major bones and 32 teeth in the mouth. If any of the bone is fractured, this can be catastrophic for the athlete. It can take multiple surgeries in the face to repair the damage.

Final Thoughts

So there is no reason why you shouldn’t wear a mouth guard during sparring and fights. But don’t just buy any mouth guard you find in the stores, it is essential you pick the right one that fits perfectly.

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