A Beginners Guide to Kettlebell Exercise for Weight Loss [Video]

A beginner’s guide to Kettlebell exercise for weight loss. Here are the eight Kettlebell exercises that will sculpt your entire body.

Check this Infographic for the Killer Kettlebells Workout:

kettlebell exercises for weight loss

Watch This Kettlebells Workout Video

Kettlebell Exercises – a beginners guide

source: womenshealthmag.com




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3 Replies to “A Beginners Guide to Kettlebell Exercise for Weight Loss [Video]”

  1. If you’re tight on time, or looking for a quick workout with minimal stuff, then these exercises are good for you. All you need is one kettlebell and 15-20 minutes. Its really fresh and intense way to work out.

  2. I don’t have a kettlebell, but I think the exercise would work fine with dumbells. Thanks for the post. this would actually be great because I can only set aside a few minutes o work out and it seems to be targeting most of what I should focus on, the glutes and the abs.

  3. I love this useful list of kettle bell exercises. I took a class one time that used kettlebells and I could really feel the workout of using it even for such a short intense class. It was only 25 minutes twice a week but I shaved off a lot of inches in the two months I took the class AND went up twice to heavier kettle bells as I developed muscles. Seeing this reminds me of that class and makes me consider getting a kettlebell of my own to work at home. Who says you need a class to lose weight? Doing it at home would be much more convenient.

    Some of the other moves I remember from the class are holding the kettle bell and making motions like you’re shoveling snow (imagine it as a shovel). There was also one where you stood on one leg and holding the kettlebell in both hands, bent down until it was almost at the floor, letting your other leg go up behind you to maintain balance. And you can use a kettlebell for pretty much anything you would do with a short dumbbell too, like bicep curls.

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