7 Beginner Calisthenics Workout Moves: Intro Guide to Calisthenics

Much like diets, workout fads come and go. Does anyone remember Jazzercise or Tae Bo? Long before exercise fads became the norm, though, there was calisthenics.

Calisthenics consists of exercises that primarily use your body weight as resistance. Of course, if you’re just getting into shape or never received solid fitness instruction, you might wonder what exercises are right for beginners.

Keep reading for seven beginner calisthenics workout moves you can use that require little or no equipment.

1. Pushups

The pushup is one of the most basic and common elements in a beginner calisthenics workout. It’s also a very effective calisthenics workout move.

It works your pecs, abs, back muscles, arm muscles, and shoulder muscles.

2. Planks

Planks are really just a variant on the pushup. In a plank, you hold your body in the up position of the pushup for a period of time, such as 60 seconds. You can do planks with the arms extended or the forearms flat on the floor.

Planks work the core and strengthen the back, making them an excellent addition to a calisthenics back workout.

3. Crunches

Crunches are the situps’ first cousin. Instead of bringing the chest or elbows up to the knees, you lift your shoulder off the ground and curl forward slightly.

These work the abs. Crunches can prove hard on the back, so do them slowly.

4. Jumping Jacks

The venerable jumping jack is one of those exercises most people learn in gym class. It’s a cardio exercise that doesn’t involve jogging, which appeals to a lot of people.

The legs do the most work here, so it’s a great addition to an equipment-free calisthenics leg workout.

5. Squats

Squats are another exercise that works the legs and core. Since it’s easy to do them wrong, you must review proper squat procedures.

It is another good addition to a calisthenics leg workout.

6. Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is another great cardio exercise that you do in place. The legs get a lot of work here, but it’s really a whole-body exercise.

It’s a great choice for a beginner calisthenics workout.

7. Chin-ups/Pull-Ups

Chin-ups and pull-ups require a well-supported bar, but they provide a serious workout for the back, arms, and pecs. You’ll probably want some upper body conditioning before you add these into your workout.

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Calisthenics Workout Moves and You

One of the big advantages of a calisthenics workout is that you can do most or all of it at home. Of course, not every move proves the right fit for every person’s body.

Someone with bad knees should probably avoid jumping jacks or squats. Someone with a weak lower back will want to go easy on crunches at first. If you’re not confident about your body’s ability to do certain exercises, consult with your doctor for advice.

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