Guide to ProForm 705 ZLT Treadmill

ProForm 705 ZLT treadmill is an exciting machine that is similar to the Nordic Track T7 treadmill. The only difference between the two is that the Proform treadmill has a polar compatible wireless heart rate receiver and a chest strap.

In addition to these features, the ProForm treadmill has other great features that make it a great machine.

One of the great features is the powerful horsepower that ensures that the treadmill is very powerful. There is also a full sized 51 cm by 140 cm running belt that is very strong thus it can’t easily break.

The powerful motor is able to power the belt up to speeds of 18 kph. The good side is that you can easily control the speeds using the direct keys on the console. If you want to keep the machine inclined, you can do so by pressing the incline buttons. You can also use the 10 direct incline keys.

ProForm 705 ZLT Treadmill


Unlike other treadmills that make noise when the belt is running, this is not the case with this machine. The machine’s belt smoothly glides quietly on the running deck; therefore, you can listen to your radio or television without any interference.

The treadmill has an advanced computer system that allows you to work out easily and in the proper way. To help you workout properly, the system contains a number of programs which are usually stored in an SD card. To access the programs you only need to insert the SD card into the treadmill.

To help you lose weight in the right manner, the programs are professionally arranged where their intensity increases as you get fit.

In addition to helping you to workout, the machine also allows you to easily monitor your heart rate. Here you only need to grab the pulse sensors and you will know your heart rate.

To spice up your exercise, the machine comes with inbuilt high quality speakers which you can easily plug into your iPhone, iPod or an mp3 player and listen to high quality music as you exercise.

Once you have completed working out and you don’t have a lot of space to store the machine, you can fold it by lifting up the running deck until the locking latch securely locks the deck in a vertical position.

Pros of the Machine

The machine has a number of advantages that come from its great features. One of the advantages is that it’s easy to use. To help you in using it, the machine comes with a manual that gives you guidelines on how to go about all the features.

Another advantage is that the machine comes with a good warranty. The warranty is a solid 10 years which means that if the machine develops problems within this period you can return it to the manufacturer.

Cons of the Machine

One of the main advantages is that the machine doesn’t have a cooling fan in the console which can result to the system hanging due to too much heat.

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2 Replies to “Guide to ProForm 705 ZLT Treadmill”

  1. I’ve used one of these in the gym and it’s really a great machine. They are just so big that I can’t imagine where I would put it if I had one at home. I like the fact that you can add an iFit card to get extra programs.

  2. I have alwyas found treadmills to be obe of the best machines around. What I like about this one is it ability to fold up after use. The speakers and the ipad connection are good features and will make those who love to workout to music very happy. The other feature I love is that it able to be inclined which helps to make workout more challenging which leads to more calories being burnt.

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